On the last day of 2020 Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club reached once again to the good people of Ikorodu.

The club which is well known for it’s fervent service to humanity came out in mass with it’s volunteers to cater for the needy with food items.

To show love during the festive period, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club on Thursday, 31st December, 2020 distributed cooked food and drinks to 200 hundred indigents members of Ojubode Community, Ikorodu.

The project which was led by it’s President Isola Oladimeji Musfiu NLCF had a huge impact in a year that has been faced with tremendous down turns.

This is an integral area of selfless service which the club consistently exhibits, where touching lives can be directly impacted.

The less privileges across the vicinity, who were all smiling and singing praise to the Contributions of the Lions Club indicated that  the world can be more of a better place when the needy are adequately catered for.

Where There Is A Need, There Is A Lion.

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