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Deut 8:7-10, 11:10-12, 1 cor 16:1, matt 17:20-21, deut 2:24, 1Tim 1:18
We don’t wait to see prophecies fulfilled, we engage the forces of prayers and fastings to clear out every barrier.

The good land covers the beginning of the year to the end of the year.
Heb 12:16-17 fasting is a covenant obligation for triumphant living matt 6:3, 17-18 it is the beginning of my turnaround identity in life. From glory to glory.
Matt 9:14-15 we are in the days of CHRIST prescribed fasting. Mk 2:19-20
We are in the days of fasting in the body of christ. Matt 6:6, 17, Lk 5:34-35

What are the Benefits of Fasting?
1 pet 3:15

  • Empowerment into next levels.
    Anointing and empowerment is in levels. Eze 47:1- 5, Lk 9:1 Isa 58:6, Lk 11:13
    Fasting is a practical reflection of the longing of the flesh.
  • Destruction of Yokes.
    1sa 10: 27,
  • Access to outbreak of revelation.
    Jn316, hosea 4:6 ignorance makes a believer isa 58:4, 2 cor 4 :4 , isa 60:1, 22
    We are taking an adventure into a word of revelation. 2cor 6:5, 11:27
    Nothing of value is ever free.
  • Speedy Restoration of Health and vitality.
    Isa 58:8, Outbreak of revelation comes along with healing virtues to deliver us from sicknesses and diseases. Job33:21-25
    Rejuvenating virtues comes with it. John 8:32
  • It provides access to next levels of Sanctification. Isa 58: 8 we are set free from every satanic habits John 14:30 Rom 14:12
    Study to be quiet and do your own business.
  • It facilitates Express answers to prayers.
    Isa 58:9, 2 chron 20:17, Lk 4:14
    Be specific about what you are asking.
  • It facilitates access to divine guidance.
    Isa 58:11 Ezra 8:21-23
    Divine makes us a wonders to our world. Isa 48:21, John 5:30, deut 32:13, 10,12
    The Eagle believers are those who surrender to the leading of the Lord in all they do.
  • It facilitates access to realms of supernatural breakthroughs. Isa 58:12
    Generational pace setting accomplishments. acts 14:11, 2 pet 3:15
  • It Facilitates access to speedy delivery of our inheritance. Isa 60:1, 22 Gen12:3
    Every child of God is a global citizen of the earth. As light break forth we gain unusual speed. Isa 58:14, Jer 1:12
    The brighter you see, the greater speed you gain.

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