It was a grand new year celebration in fashion, style & entertainment on the 2nd of January 2021 as Hon Oluwatosin Onamade from Ijede LCDA made his presence felt in a different dimension while organising his annual new year thanksgiving Celebration.

The event was packed with friends, family and Stakeholders across Ijede LCDA filled with optimism and jubilation as Everyone was thrilled with food and music.

Amongst the guest present is the Chief Imam of Oke Eletu, in Ijede LCDA, Alhaji Disu Shoyiga, Hon Sarumi Ademola Sheriff (Immediate Past Vice Chairman Ijede LCDA), Chief Adewale Ajala (Vice Chairman Ijede Resource Forum), Hon Taiwo Orenuga and many more dignitaries.

Speaking to reporters in the later Hon Oluwatosin Onamade expressed his utmost excitement and gratitude to God For a new year that is deemed critical to the Developmental transformation of Ijede LCDA.

Extending his gratitude to families, friends and Stakeholders in Ijede LCDA of Ikorodu for joining him to celebrate the OSMO Agenda Propeller enjoined Everyone to stay safe as the Covid-19 Pandemic is not yet over.

“We must Celebrate life, That God kept us all through a pandemic year In 2020 which is still not over yet.
I thank God for my family, my workers and the good people of Ijede LCDA. This is our annual Thanksgiving get together we normally do but this year is different due to the times we’re in” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

“Going further we must not forget that Covid-19 is still present and we must adopt the healthy lifestyle while adhering to the policies that will prevent us from contracting the virus” Hon Oluwatosin Averred

“Hon Oluwatosin Onamade is a friend and colleague that I can’t afford not to share in his moment. He has done alot for the development of Ijede LCDA” Hon Sarumi Ademola Sheriff (Immediate Past Vice Chairman Ijede LCDA)

“He is a man of peace and he brings everyone together in every of his ventures that is why you see everyone saying good things about him. We have been friends for a long time and his ambition is crystal clear to everyone in this community”

One of the major challenge we still face today in this region of Ikorodu is that we have not been able to utilise our water front in this LCDA, And I must say, looking at the Developmental plans of Hon Oluwatosin Onamade’s towards that sector, We have to give him all the support he needs to accomplish it” Hon Sarumi Ademola Added

“Hon Oluwatosin Onamade brings people together just like our national leader of the All Progressive Party (APC) does” Chief Adewale Ajala (Vice Chairman Ijede Resource Forum)

He is the definition of a hardworking personality, He Strives and am sure that he’s work will speak volumes for him eventually this year. He is working to grow the party and I wish him well”

“He has acknowledged me as a leader and I have to stand with him. We must support people like Hon Oluwatosin Onamade who unleashes pure passion and possess visionary leadership qualities to pursue their Political career in order for Ijede LCDA to gain what is rightfully theirs” Chief Adewale Ajala Added

“Hon Oluwatosin Onamade is a man of the people. Today he has brought us together to celebrate the new year despite all we have been through in the year 2020” Hon Taiwo Orenuga (Former Igbogbo Bayeku LCDA Sole Administrator)

I am proud of everything he has Accomplished in his career Sofar and I prayed for him to have the best of success in his OSMO Agenda in this year 2021″ Hon Taiwo Orenuga Added

OSMO stands for Onamade Solidarity Movement! It is part of my campaign to become the next chairman of Ijede LCDA and get this community to the promise land” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

“The OSMO Agenda signifies those plans I have put in place to transform Ijede LCDA to our ideal Cannanland flowing with milk and honey for both Indigenes and non Indigenes alike”

There are alot of factors we are not cashing in to make Ijede LCDA the next big region in Ikorodu and all of Lagos State.

The waterways is a big part of that factor. We have to revive the water axis of Ijede LCDA for it to generate adequate revenue and make our community the best. The solution should not be hard because this region is not that big to be under develop.

“The market system in Ijede LCDA is also not enough which I will work to expand. And also we have bad light network which is killing Businesses, But all the same change is constant and time will tell” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade Added

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