• 20 Jan 2022 11:51 pm


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A new year has rolled in with lots of expectations on both the positive and negative dimensions. Bishop Femi Otusanya aka Omo Majemu, General Overseer of The True Covenant Church Of God has prophesied out 10 Striking 2021 Prophecies.

The cleric called on Nigerians to be fervent in prayers to avoid the negative prophecies from coming to pass.

Below are the prophecies:

1. Nigeria will face persecution from international Bodies this year.

2. Ritualists will be on the increase and ladies should be more careful not to fall victims of their traps because of money.

3. God revealed that there will be famine in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, This will constitute to people dying of hunger.

4. God revealed to me that Covid-19 victims will be reduced this year as another disease will ravage the world.

5. Many young ladies will be impregnated this year as their lovers will abandone them, RAPE cases will also increase. Parents should warn their daughters not to be victims.

6. Agricultural business will be more profitable this year.

7. This year will be a year of judgement for many bad leaders in politics, religion, and in the society.

8. I saw blood flowing among the entertainers, some of them will be used for sacrifice this year. They are prone to dangers. Some of them who believe in evil powers should renounce it and believe in Jesus Christ, for them to be saved.

9. Nigeria should pray against economy downfall because there’s going to be inflation of commodities but God can avert it through prayers.

10. God told me that He will reveal more fake men of God and there will be lockdown on some churches.

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