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Ikorodu News Network (INN) on Saturday 23rd of January 2021 hosted RATATA OF WAZOBIA FM (Presenter Of Radio Lesson) Lagos State on it’s first ever WhatsApp chat session.

The session was activated in order to bring the Radio Personality closer to his Ikorodu audience and it spanned for an hour (8pm – 9pm)

INN: It actually started for us hearing your voice at the first lockdown stage due to Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. You became the voice for students at home. Can you please Tell us how it all started Sir

RATATA: Ok. Anyways, in the advent of the pandemic/lockdown, a few of us where I work at the radio station were drafted to stay within the premises of the office to hold down the station, while others were to stay home.

As soon as I was drafted in, I was told I will be handling a program initiated by the Lagos state government (Radio lesson). I swung into action to prepare myself, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. That was it, Sir.

INN: When you said, Preparing yourself Spiritually, Mentally, emotionally and physically, Is That The normal routine for Radio Personalities or you have your own ways of deliveries

RATATA: Well, I wouldn’t know for/about others. For me being an OAP is not just a job, it is first an ASSIGNMENT/ A CALLING!! So the platform “Radio” is one of the tools for me to carry out my Assignment and Calling.

Since I already know this, its then deeper for me than the usual. So that’s why the processes involved for me as far as preparation is concerned before getting on the mic is Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. All of these are involved for me.

INN: But if I could Recour at first before it morphed into the Radio Lesson, You also did ‘Sell Yourself’ and other varieties of program before eventually settling for the Radio Lesson?

RATATA: Yeah, I had a radio show titled MARKET RUNS. Sell yourself was a segemt inside the show. Infact just recently before Christmas I had to bounce back to my usual show as the radio lesson came to a halt.

INN: So you mean the Radio Lesson has been halted currently?

RATATA: For now, yes. Radio lesson is on break.

INN: What show do you present currently?

RATATA: My show title now is YOURHUSTLE/MARKETRUNS. The show is about buying & selling, commerce/transactions. I have elements in the show like, Sell Yourself, Igbese, Market History and location, Confession Wednesday, How Much, just to mention a few.

And my show time for now is: Every Mondays, Wednesdays and fridays, 12noon-2pm. While every wednesdays and Thursdays, 11am-2pm.

On a lighter note, I wouldn’t mind if anybody here or brands come on the show to sponsor any part of the show, lol.

INN: Okay going forward, Before been assigned to play that role, You had prior experience in teaching?

RATATA: Yes pls. Before I ventured into radio, I had lectured for 9yrs at the Niger State College Of Education, Minna. That was same institution I did my NYSC, after my NYSC I was retained. So I lectured art history, painting, drawing, music & dance, sculpture.

INN: How can you evaluate the effectiveness or Impact of Radio Lesson in the life of an average student from your own perspective?

RATATA: Wooooooooow, I will boldly say here that the Radio lesson was a huge success because it is evident in the very last WAEC, students actually sent me their results as proof that the program was indeed a success.

INN: You’re also a musician and an artist, How do you manage to combine these crafts?

RATATA: Yes, By virtue of talent, am a music artiste (a recording and performing artiste). Its easy to combine both my job as an OAP, my music and my art. This is so because firstly, they are all connected and related.

Secondly, I don’t work all day on radio, I close 2pm, so as soon as am done on radio, I race to my house where I have my painting studio and paint. If am not painting, am playing my guitar or my piano writing a song. Am only praying for a bigger house and space, lol.

INN: When I listen to your programs on WAZOBIA FM, I can actually say you guys gets more callers from Both Ikorodu and Ago-Okota.


INN: Between Ikorodu & Ago-Okota who do you think calls the most?

RATATA: Well, not because am here , between Ikorodu and Ago-Okota, Ikorodu has the highest number of callers as well as the highest number of those who send in messages via SMS and WhatsApp

INN: We pray CoVid-19 Pandemic goes away Completely. But I discussed with a colleague and I told him that Radio Lesson should actually stay even though Covid-19 will be eliminated eventually.

I actually think it can still fit into our normal life routines even when all schools are functioning. The only adjustment might be shifting it till weekends.

What’s your take on that Sir?

RATATA: U are right, Sir!

INN: Is there any Discussion about that on your side or the Lagos State Government feels it’s not necessary?

RATATA: Well, remember Lagos state government is the initiator of this program, so the state will have to decide, Sir.

INN: You still produce ‘Eku Square’?

RATATA: Yes sir, just that we haven’t resumed for the year. We hopefully will resume next week. I hope Ikorodu will patronize me o, lol.

INN: Even in your current program, There are people in Ikorodu that would want to sell their hustle.

RATATA: Sure, I expect and await them.

INN: As we close I want to thank you for been the first recipient of our 2020 Ikorodu News Network (INN) Of Recognition Awards

RATATA: Infact, I am the most grateful. It’s an honor to be a recipient of this prestigious award. God keep u! God keep Ikorodu!!

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