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Jan 25, 2021 ,

The National Youth Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) Ikorodu LG on the 23rd of January 2021 took an extraordinary step in bid to advocate Against Cultism and Violence In Ikorodu Division Organised a meeting between different youth organisations/Association tagged ‘Ikorodu Youths For Peace’.

The program brought in Stakeholders and security personnel across the division with clear objectives to deliberate on ways to curb the menace growing in the region which is an hindrances to it’s growth and development.

The meeting which took place at the Ikorodu local government Secretariat saw the Executive Chairman (Hon Wasiu Adesina) grace the event to also voice his concerns and Contributions.

“If we continue to sit down and not act fast, this will result into not only bad representation but also hinder Development in Ikorodu Division. That is why we have set up this meeting to ascertain the problems and open door to adequate solutions in going forward” Com Idris Fatai Omotayo (Coordinator NYCN Ikorodu central)

After the meeting was set in motion by com Idris Fatai Omotayo (Coordinator NYCN Ikorodu central), Mr Taiwo Odumbo took to the centre stage to air his concerns about the ongoing unrest across Ikorodu Division.

“It is not just about having peace, but sustaining the peace. For us to achieve and sustain peace all hands must be on deck regardless of our Political affiliations. Because in all we do, The Peace and prosperity of Ikorodu comes First”

This is why I want to urge every youth movement and Initiative to work together in other to win this fight. While we appreciate the efforts of the Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative and also the Ikorodu Ambassadors Group, all other groups must synergize with this course” Alhaji Taiwo Odumbo

In His Contribution the chairman of Ikorodu local government stressed the need for every youth to take responsibility in changing the narrative from the grassroots.

This is the time that the youth has to come me together and bring ideas on how governance should be. If we refuse to be the decider of the affairs in our communities, others will do it for us. As youths we must also take part in Community Development processes” Hon Wasiu Adesina

Now I have to say that we must also come together to get rid of Cultism. We were known for parties and not trouble making, But now Cultism is giving us bad name. Noone gains anything by killing Eachother, it is suppose be about dialogue. The LG will soon parley with all the community policing platforms to combat this menace.

“While We’re Working On Ways To Curb This Menace And Support Our Youths Even More, I Want To Be Believe This ‘Ikorodu Youths For Peace’ Meeting Should Be Coming Up Monthly In Order for More Solution Tips And Ideas To Be Adopted” Hon Wasiu Adesina Averred

We have tried as much as possible to improve Ikorodu from where it was to where it is now.
We also want to ensure that the youths are not left out, And on that note my Administration will provide a bus for the youth council, Also we want this meeting to be monthly as we continue to bring in more ideas to put an end to this menace” Hon Wasiu Adesina Added

The Chairman Of The National Youth Council Of Nigeria (Lagos State Chapter) Comrade Billiamin Lekan Oba in his own remarks lamented over the state of affairs in Ikorodu which requires urgent attention and resolution.

It saddens our heart that our founders will not be smiling at the present state of Ikorodu Division. I was at the last state Security meeting which was presided over by Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, And it must be noted that among listed regions with crime rates, Ikorodu is on-top of the list. That we are hearing about robberies in the micro station and also at slots is really sad” Billiamin Lekan

“Our energies should not be channelled into activities that will bring down the growth of this great region, It should be applied into things that will develop our land. This is why we must keep the door of this platform open for adequate suggestions to forge ahead” Billiamin Lekan Oba Added

Speaking on behalf of the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) CS Ibrahim Sunday stated that through the platform Cultism others crimes are now been Perpetrated across Ikorodu Division.

We use to patrol side by side with the police but it changed due to some Challenges”

What we must note is that these cultists are our brothers and relatives and as we speak they’re Initiating more young people everyday. We must now ask ourselves what is the way forward from an individual perspectives.
If I must add, the Joint Patrol can also go a long way to prevent these menace from occurring because cultists cannot mobilize when they know we’re on duty”

In closing I will like to state it here that it will only take a collective efforts to curb this Challenge, Thank God the local government is setting up a joint task force and I must say that we’re on the right path to success in this case. I will like to state it here that it will only take a collective” Ibrahim Sunday Added

“There is need for us to know the difference between defending ourselves and letting law enforcement defend us. We must begin to learn how to treat our police force with respect.
We need to embark on programs that will enable our police to gain back their dignity”

“I Remember When It Was Time For Youths To Come Out During The ENDSARS Protests, It Was Massive, But Now In Our Fight Against Cultism And Violence In Ikorodu, We Are Not Turning Up Like We Should. We Must Not Also Forget The  Diminished Credibility Of Our Law Enforcement Officers (Whom We Really Need At This Sensitive Period)” Odusanya Abdulateef Omotayo (TySleek) (Coordinator NYCN Igbogbo Baiyeku Branch)

A Drama Group with the name Tolag Gave Drama presentation on the dangers of Cultism with practical lesson of abstaining from the menace

In his contributions, the General Secretary of Onyabo Vigilante Group Comrade Pelumi Olalekan crave for synergy between the 6 LCDA In Ikorodu, Stating that the Challenge will pose little or no treat if there is cooperation from every security personnel, Leaders and Chairmen.

“Every Misunderstanding between the Onyabo Vigilante Group and the leadership has been settled and I also want to use this platform to Appreciate the Councillors across board for their support

“With that said I want to state here that if every LCDA Chairmen can improve their Security Approach together, this Challenge will not last in Ikorodu. I am Urging them all to step up their game and play a collective and constructive role in tacking this plights” Com Pelumi Olalekan added

“I have already stated some essential Solutions out there that will help in curbing this menace. Long sentences for every offenders must be looked into. You cannot commit a very bad crime and after apprehension, the individual would be bailed in months. That is not acceptable, By the time they get use to the fact that if they’re caught, stiff punishment awaits them, there will be a drastic reduction in the crime rates” Com Olufemi Kayode Adinlewa

The Founder Of Ikorodu Ambassadors Group (Comrade Rasheed Adedeji Fatuga) in his contributions connotes the aspect of equally recognising the dignity of the fundamental human rights while putting in consideration the respect for our law enforcement officers.

“In Looking At Restoring Dignity To Our Law Enforcement, We Must Also Recognise That All Lives Matters Too. And In Going Forward There is Also Need To Strike An Affirmative Balance In TRUSTING Our Security Agencies, Which Is One Of The Key Solutions To The Challenges Of Insecurities We Face Today” Comrade Rasheed Adedeji Fatuga (Founder Ikorodu Ambassadors Group)

Ikorodu LG must act against the activities of Cultism. Most of our leaders needs to distance themselves from cultists. We have to invest in our youths if we want them to stay away from negativity. Raising funds for them to thrive in their Endeavours is also key.
We need more correction centres in Ikorodu because some of these so-called cultists wants to change for a better life” Com Samson Bisiriyu (Executive Director IDYI)

The interactive session of the meetings similar Contributions from different Associations present.

“This program is laudable and commendable, Which I give kudos to the entire National Youth Council Of Nigeria (Ikorodu Chapter) for stepping up to create awareness about this issue we face today”

“I am advising them not to stop here, They should go across all the LCDA in Ikorodu Division and make sure everyone plays their collective role to solve this problem” Hon Awoniyi Omotayo (SLG Ikorodu LG)

Amongst Youth Groups/Association present; MKAN, YOWICAN C&S Church, Ikorodu Ambassadors Group, Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative (IDYI), Ikorodu Students Association, LNSC, Ikorodu Luminaries, Laspotech Students Union, Ikorodu Youth Progressive, NULASS, Methodist Church Youths, Rotaract Club, Generationext, The Scout Association, Ikorodu Grassroots Sport, National Youth Council Of Nigeria (Lagos Island Chapter), TOLAG, Igbogbo Student Association, Imota Student Association, AGA Youths, Royal Ambassador etc.

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