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Obedience Gateway to Maximizing The Blessedness of Our Promise Land.

Deut 11:12-15, 22-28, The land is not a lawless land, it is an orderly land because It has conditions and commandments tied to it that we must keep. How well you keep the law, determines how much you will enjoy the land.

Enjoyment of the land is not based on prayers, it is based on the commandments you obey. Wise people always look for instructions to comply with.
The more you obey, the less you pray. All answers to prayers always concludes with an instruction that we must obey.

Access to the land doesn’t culminate in automatic enjoyment, it is the obedience of the commandments that gives us access to the goods of the land.
Obedience attracts God and disobedience repels God. Quickly check if you have obeyed all the instructions that God has given to you.

What is Obedience? Deut 11:22

  • Keeping GOD’S precepts. Responding to the written commandments.
    The voice of the Lord in the Bible.
    Deut 28:1-2 The extent of our obedience will determine the extent of our blessings.
  • Doing His word/instructions. Compliance with the Rhema of the word. Gen 12:1, 26:1
    God cannot trust you with His instructions, when you’ve not complied with His precepts.
  • Walking in All His ways.
    Following God as a lifestyle. Matt 4:19-22

How To Make our Obedience Profitable.

  • Willingness. Isa 1:19
    Willing people have no problem obeying God. Willingness makes obedience easy.
    1 cor 9:17, 2 cor 8:12
    God gains nothing from your obedience, it is you who gain everything from your obedience.
  • Prompt Obedience. God is patience but He doesn’t waste time. Once God tells you to do something, He gives you time and if you don’t respond, that time is off. Gen 12:4, 17:10-24
    GOD’S instructions is like a sharp knife that needs to be applied when sharp. We experience the best of grace when we are prompt in our obedience.
    Gen 22:2-3
  • Full Obedience. Gen 22:2 half obedience is seen as full disobedience.
    It will always lead to rebellion. 1 Sam 15:1-11
  • Delightsomely. Gen 22:5, ps 112:1-3
    Always waiting for GOD’S instructions.
  • Joyful Obedience. Deut 28:47-48
  • Obedience Must be tireless. There’s no graduation. Gen 17:1, 24:1
    Be tireless in obeying His word.
    It is the key to becoming a giant in the land.

Note; Deut 11:27 God always leaves us to make our choice. Eph 2:1-2 obedience and disobedience are powered by the spirit.
It is a spirit that argues and rationalise.
Eze 36:26

Benefits of Obedience in the Land.

  • Dominion in the land. Deut 11:23 -24
    Obedience maybe costly but the end result is priceless.
  • Supernatural Triumph over the enemy. Deut 11:25, 2 cor 10:6
  • Generational reference and a friend of God. Abraham a case study.

Dr Kenneth Copeland
Message Titled: Possessing Our Inheritance of Long Life.

God never confirms what is not preached.
Ps 91:14 -16, Gen 6:3, Ex 23:25-26
The written words are covenant words.
God gave specific instructions in from the books of Genesis to Leviticus that will guarantee us long life.

GOD’S word is God’s bond to us, backed up by the blood of JESUS. Deut 30:19-20, John 10:10
God covenants guarantees us Good over flowing life, and not the opposite. Matt 12:37 Spoken words are the most powerful thing on the earth. Prov 18:21 Life words are faith filled word. If we speak fear, we draw death to ourselves.

Always speaking life draws to best of the covenant to us. Ps 103: 1-5 This scripture clearly shows that we have benefits in God.
1 thes 5: 5 – 21 this scriptures shows how we receive our healing and everything that God has provided through the covenant.
God lives and walks with us daily.

Rather than respond to the devil in people, follow God. Rejoice in God always no matter the trials and temptations. We give thanks for the victory that overcomes the trials.

When you speak by the spirit of God, you keep the devil far and obtain the victory.
The says judge yourself, don’t condemn yourself because you are created in the image and likeness of God. 1 John 1:9

Always hold on to good things and keep bad news away from you. Abstain from all forms of evil. 1 thes 5:22

1 thes 5:23, Isa 53:4 peace is translated as prosperity, longevity and tranquillity in Hebrew language.
John 14:27 sicknesses and diseases are not part of our inheritance of peace.
Stay away from things that will steal your peace in any way.
1 thes 5:24 God is faithful to do everything He promised in the covenant including long life, prosperity and so on.
Heb 9:27 The time to die is the appointed time not just anytime.
Mk 11:23 -25

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