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20210506 105915 collage Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr: Serving God a Covenant Requirement for Maximizing The Blessedness of The Promised Land

Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr: Serving God a Covenant Requirement for Maximizing The Blessedness of The Promised Land

Eccl 3:1 The promise land is governed by laws. Deut 11:18,22
What Are The commandments that must Be Kept? Deut 11:12-13. Love God with all your heart and soul is the commandment.
Ex 23:25-26 He you must enjoy the blessings, then you must serve God. isa 1:19, job 36:11
You cannot claim to love God and not love what He loves. John 21:15-16. Loving God is demonstration and not in words. John 3:16
God loves the lost the most. Fervency in the pursuit of the lost is the Ultimate demonstration of our love for God. Rom 1:16
Deut 11:10, Eph 6:15, You must propagate the gospel to walk comfortably in the promised land.

Soul winning is every believers responsibility. John 15:16, 2 cor 5:17-20, John 4:29-39

Blessings That Accompany Soul Winning.
1. It keeps us going in the faith.
Acts 26:22 the more fruitful you are, the more favour you have. John 15:1-2
Our fruitfulness determines our usefulness and our usefulness determines our stability. Lk 13:6-9, acts 4:20.

It secures our partnership with God which results in supernatural breakthroughs. Matt 28:19-20
Ps 24:7-10, Every gates lift up their heads when God is with you. No door will stay closed when you are with God. Ps 114:1-7
Isa 45:1-3
You can’t carry God and it will not show because closed doors opened on your behalf. No door can stay closed when God is on your side.

Soul winning sows joy to heaven which ìn turn sends joy back to you. Lk 15:7

Benefit of Joy
• Neh 8:10 strength
• Health prov 17:22
• Access to revelation. Isa 60:1,8

It brings about supernatural wisdom that turns us into stars on the earth. Prov 11:20, Dan 12:3

Pst. Paul Eneche: Love; Access To Revelation

Deut 11:12-14, Love gives us access to revelation. 1 cor 2:9-10, deut 29:29, Whatever is revealed to us belongs to us and our revelation determines our possession.

Abraham. Gen 12:1-5 , 22:1-2, 2 chron 20:7, iSA 41:8, He was referred to as GOD’S friend based on love his love for God. Gen 18:1,17 intimacy is door way to secrecy. God opens up to you at all time.Moses. Ex 32:32
David. Ps 42:1-2, 63:1-2, 132:1-5, ps110:1-2, heb 10:13. Solomon. 1 kgs 3:3-4, 4:32
Apostles Paul. Phil 1:25, Gal 2:20, 1 cor 2:9-10, 9:16, 2 cor 12:7, 2 pet 3:15-16

What is the love Of God About?
It is a heart panting after the presence and person of God. A life sold out and lost in God.
[ ] Wanting what God wants and loving what He loves. Running the errand of God and defending His interest on the earth.
Pleasing God with your life and bringing Him joy. Lk 3:22

How is the live of God demonstrated?
Love for His company. Love for communion and prayers. Gen 19:27. Love for His house. Ps 122:1. Love for His word. Ps 119:97-98, 127
Love to obey Him. Deut 11:1, John 14:21
Love for souls. 1 cor 9:16. Love for the brethren. 1 John 4:20, 3:16. Love for service. Deut 10:12 , acts 9:6 love is what you do and not what you feel. Love for giving. John 3:16, ps 132:1-5. Love for righteousness. Ps 45:6-7

Gains for Loving God. Revelation. You Possess the things He has prepared for you. 1 cor 2:9
Preservation and protection. Ps 91:14
Divine habitation. John 14:23
Divine manifestation. John 14:21

Pst. David ibiyeomie: Obedience Requirement for Securing Your Place.

The word of God is always in the house of God. It is great decisions backed with actions that makes you great. If conditions are not met, you can’t get the promise.

What is obedience?
• The ability to hear GOD’S word and act accordingly. Put the word into effect correctly and timely. Obedience is the strongest force of all spiritual virtues. Obedience appeared 8,455 times in the bible. It may be painful but ultimately gainful. John 2:5 everytime you ask God for a miracle, He gives you an instruction.
John 2:7-9, Matt 17:27 Everytime God gives you an instruction, refuse to analyse it with your mental system. 1 Sam 15:22, John 14:21
JESUS is the word of God, but was still the pillar of obedience. Phil 2:9. It guarantees your access to promotion.

Isa 1:19


  • Abraham. Gen 12:1-4 , 17:10, 21, 22:2-8, John 8:39
  • Isaac. Gen 26:1-5,12-14, acts 26:19 when you see people rising don’t think they are lucky.
  • Paul.
  • Peter.
  • Joshua and caleb. Num 32:11-12 if you are connected to a source and your life doesn’t produce after it, check your OBEDIENCE.
    Reasons Why People don’t obey.
    Obedience is the strongest currency in the kingdom.
  • They don’t trust in the character of God num 23:19
  • They don’t have personal revelation of the word of God. 2 Tim 2:15

Consequences of disobedience Prov 1: 28,29,31

  • Stagnation and demotion. Jer 7:23 -24
  • Rejection. 1 Sam 15:26
  • Unanswered prayers. 2 cor 10:6

Rewards for Obedience

  • You become a friend of God. John 15:14 singing without obedience is noise.
  • You enjoy promotion. Phil 2:8-9
  • Deut 28:1-13
    • Abundance,
    • access to inheritance
    • Divine protection and preservation
    • Victory in battle
    • Distinction and excellence

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