Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr: Extolling The Virtues of Love.

1 cor 13:13
3 forces that rules the universe is faith, hope and love. Were the love of God comes alive in the heart of a man, that individual is a wonder to behold. 1 cor 12:. When the force of love is engage, it excel above all things. matt 32:26-30, Deut 11:13 Wherever you see love, it comes first, because the virtue of live is the most prominent of all when it comes to the promise land. Rom 13:10

What is in Love?
• It empowers our faith to deliver maximally. Gal 5:6, 1 cor 13:2. When a man’s love is out of place, his faith is unusable. We must love God passionately for our faith to deliver. Mk 9:23 faith makes all things possible, but it is love that powers our faith into productivity. 1 Sam 13:14
• It engenders supernatural breakthroughs. 1 cor 2:9, Rom 13:10, deut 28:1-13. Love makes us supernatural entities on the earth. Blessings becomes your identity. Your naturally break barriers in life. Dan 6:28 You can’t break down the breakthrough of a God lover.
• It ensures our access to fresh anointing. Lovers of God can never be devoid of the anointing of God. Ps 89:20-24, Eph 3:17-20 The more you are filled with live, the more you are fied with power. The fresher the oil the greater the impact.
• It makes the believer indestructible. 1 John 1:16 , Dan 3:1-28 don’t bother about who is angry with u.
• It enhances access to wisdom from above. 2 Sam 14:20. you cannot lack solutions to lives issues. 2 pet 5:15 if you have a heart for God you cannot lack the wisdom of God.
• It enhances our giving life, which results in supernatural wealth. 1 kgs 3:3,13, 2 cor 8: 8 it is a lovers heart that produces a giving hand.
• It engenders access to divine strength. Isa 40:28-31, Dan 11:32 strength is a vital requirement for the command of exploit.
• It empowers believers to live a failure proof life. 1 cor 15:8
• Great things continue to happen on their own accord. Rom 8:28 The evil that men try to organize works for your good.

Bishop Thomas Aremu: Obedience Speaks Louder Than Voice.

The Manifestation Dimension of Obedience.
When God ask you to do something and you do it, it terminates your struggles.
Ps 37:3-5 The God you don’t obey will not show up in your case. John 14:21,23
When you walk in disobedience, you are walking out of specification. You must be obedient for your life and destiny to work.
Prov 4:13. We must hear, receive and run with God’s instructions because they are meant for our good.

Josh 1:8 Deut 28:1-13, 2 Tim 3:15 Gen 22:16-18, Josh 6:1-20. There are certain instructions that are personal that we must respond to. If you are looking for a job or anything, start by asking from God on how to go about it. 1 kgs 17:8-15. Pride makes people disobedient. 2 kgs 4:1-10. Most of the time what God is asking us to do is too simple to be true, that’s why people refuse to act in obedience. 2 kgs 5:8-14

• When we walk in obedience, things happen in their own accord. ps 114:1-9

• another scheme that the devil uses to get us to disobey is forgetfulness. James 1:21-25
• Indiscipline. Discipline coordinates to obey what God wants. Indiscipline is lack of self control.

Bishop David Oyedepo: Operating In The Reality of Your Promised Land

Those who don’t mind the word can’t go far in there journey in life. Isa 60:1, Matt 4:16
Without Thanksgiving, your prayer life is barren. Eccl 11:7, There are laws to keep to secure our residency in our promised land.

Heb 13:7, Jer 6:16-17, It takes meekness to follow what has worked wherever you find it. Isa 51:1-3, Deut 11:8, John 8:39

The faith of Abraham was the faith of prompt OBEDIENCE. Gen 12:1-3, 17:10-14,22-24, 22:
This faith is about your stand for CHRIST.
Rom 4:1 When God swears a blessing, you can forget about the devil and his agents because at that point you are unstoppable.
John 5:1-4, isa 55:6, Every revelation is a knock on your heart. Don’t be a victim of procrastination.

Judges 5:15 we need prompt obedience to maximize the good of the land. Gal 1:15-16 Every vision and revelation deliver the most by prompt response. Lk 5, Rom 12:11-12.

Also timely response to the demand of sacrifice. Sacrifice requires prompt response, when prompted by God, otherwise you will miss it. Heb 4:16 we need to pray for grace for prompt response to heavens Instructions from time to time.

Most of our problems are traceable to willful disobedience. 1 cor 15:13, 16:13, 1 Sam 4:9

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