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At the 10th anniversary of the annual Ife Public Administration Summit to commemorate the faculty’s contribution to nation-building, a panel session was also set up to dissect the leadership realm of Nigeria ahead of the 2023 national elections.

Hon Balogun Rotimi Olatunbosun (the real estate mogul), who was subsequently honoured for his leadership excellence was positioned on the hot spot together with Hon Femi Julius (representing Saki West at the Oyo State house of assembly) to enlighten aspiring leaders on ways to better their future as a public administrator.

A panel session moderated by Ogundele Johnson and Adeyemi Precious took students on a roller coaster ride with Leadership as its focal point of discourse.

The following excerpts is Hon Balogun Rotimi’s contribution to orientate the students of Obafemi Awolowo university (public administration department) on leadership and its responsibilities.

“I want to firstly appreciate Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede (vice chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University) for his professional approach in keeping up the status quo of this great and prestigious institution in Nigeria. He is definitely another criterion to Mark effective leadership”

“Talking about our leadership stage in Nigeria Today towards building the nation, I still believe a lot is yet to be done and accomplish. We still have more capable hands that are unseen and also untapped brilliant minds yet to be given opportunities to serve this great nation of ours at the helms of affairs”

“One major point about leadership is that its not about the tribe, religion or even the one with the highest credentials. It is about pedigrees of results driven ethics which an individual embodies in discharging their duties career-wise”

“Let me put it in this context, coming here today, am honouring the leadership of NAPAS for putting together a very unique and quality summit with an esteemed standard which also reflects good leadership. If young and aspiring leaders like you can (live up to expectations in this form) be allowed to adequately support the nation-building process, (Based on what I’ve seen today), I am sure growth and development will be the order of the day for Nigeria in varieties of sectors

“It is absolutely unfortunate that most times the ones who cannot deliver are getting the positions, due to better connections and wealth accessibility. But the truth is, if we want to see the change we are clamouring for in Nigeria, then it shouldn’t be about ‘who I know, but ‘who can get the job done

“Our parents have done a lot for us to a reasonable extent in given us a foundational established future, even our teachers and lecturers are the finest around. Another concern in this nation is having good policymakers that will stimulate and adequately aid economic growth”

“My advice now is for everyone in the public administration department of OAU to get involved in the political process of this country. Nation-building requires active participation in government, get thoroughly involve to show your leadership prospects”

“We must redefine our ideas about politics, it is not a risk and should not be perceived in the negative ways we’re absorbing it. I entered politics due to my enthusiastic feeling to see Nigeria great again amidst all we’re going through to maintain peace, unity and progress despite our different ethnic backgrounds”

“I am so passionate about Nigeria because if we become a developed country, our children will not find any reason to travel abroad tomorrow for greener pastures, which most youths are trying to do today based on the research ascertained by immigration”

“Democracy has made whatever we say here valuable at the ballot box, so let’s all get involved to build the nation effectively ” Hon Balogun Rotimi Added

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