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Every outbreak of light equals to next level of Breakthroughs. You cannot possess your possessions beyond what you can see from scriptures. 2 pet 1:3

The Mystery of The Anointing Oil, Mk 4:11 We are in a kingdom that is governed by mystery. Eph 3:1-5, The mysteries are so potent that principalities and powers have no answers to them. Eph 3:10-11. God Himself initiated the mystery of the anointing oil. Ex 30:25-31, It is a mystery ordained by God to last from generation to generation.

The wonders available through the anointing can only be experienced by our faith. Lk 1:45, John 1:12. The faith factor is non-negotiable.

12 Wonders in The Holy Anointing Oil!

  • It Carries the yoke destroying the power of God: Isa 10:25-27 The anointing is a yoke destroyer. Isa 59:19 It connotes the destruction of any satanic installations. Isa 49:24-26 God is a God of both judgement and vengeance and he judges and executes vengeance against our enemies.
  • It Carries the breakthrough power of God: Isa 45:1-3,13, 61:1,4 City building anointing that turns Generational failure into a generational Breakthroughs is in the anointing. Isa 60:22
  • The exemption power of God is in the anointing: ps 105:13-15, Eze 9:6 The anointing makes us untouchable. Eph 1:13
  • The Healing power of God is in the anointing oil: Mk 6:7, 12-13 When the anointing is released, healing virtues flow.
  • The signs and wonders power of God: 1 Sam 10:1,9 When the anointing comes upon it provokes the manifestation of signs and wonders. isa 8:18
  • 1 Sam 10:1 The anointing oil is the force that provokes enthronement. 1 Sam 16:13,22 The transition that takes the man from irrelevance to prominence is only found in the anointing. Enthronement implies an end to slavery and servitude.
  • It provokes supernatural restoration: 1 Sam 10:2, Joel 2:23-27, isa 61:1,7
  • It provokes unstoppable advancements: 1 Sam 10:3 continuous forward motion. 1 Sam 12:6
  • It provokes supernatural honour: 1 Sam 10:4 There’s a way God decorates you, that will cause people to honour you unconditionally. Honour arrest mockery. Josh 5:9
  • It.provokes supernatural favour: 1 Sam 10:4, Favour is when you’re giving something without you asking for it. Ps 45:6-12. When you’re truly anointed, people struggle to favour you.
  • 1 Sam 10:6-12 The turnaround power is in the anointing: The anointing does not leave us the same. 1 Sam 16:18 The anointing makes us new people.
  • It provokes Dominion: 1 Sam 10:7 When you have Dominion, devils beg you. LK 10:17, 19

How to apply the anointing oil

  • On our forehead or any part of our body that is hurting. James 1:15
  • By taking a shut off the oil. Matt 3:11
  • In your houses, offices and anything around you to separate them unto God.
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