3 Oct 2023


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Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group Deliberates With the Oba Of Ikorodu on the Youth Agenda For 2020

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20200210 162020 THE MEETING IN SUMMARY!
New Executives presenting their agendas for 2020


On the 10th of February the Executives on the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) was warmly recieved by the Oba Of Ikorodu Kingdom.

Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi, The Ayangbure of Ikorodu Kingdom who just returned from his trip oversees and also celebrated his Birthday on the 5th of february 2020 thanked both the new and old excos of the group while insisting the need for the meeting to take place.

copy of black friday sale flyer made with postermywall THE MEETING IN SUMMARY!

He was thoroughly briefed by the Chairman Mr. Olalekan Lasisi on the various accomplishments of the body in the year prior plus their intended agenda for the year 2020. He followed up by insisting the urgency for different bodies to join forces in order to create more opportunities for the youth in Ikorodu Division.

20200210 161939 THE MEETING IN SUMMARY!
Oba Of Ikorodu Goes through the briefs

After the brief the Oba commended the group extensively for their contributions and support to the division and encourage the current executives to double their efforts in order for the community to progress more.

He further highlighted the effectiveness of job opportunities in the society stating that “If our youth have enough jobs there would be no security issues in the land today, It means we must come together fight against lack of employment”. “Lets now work on plans to empower our youths no matter how little it may be, If we are able to establish 10 out of 100, It means alot of vacuum would be filled and less problem will be withnessed”, The Ayangbure Of Ikorodu insisted.

He further insisted the media & practicing journalists in Ikorodu to ensure proper coverage of the growth process and good synergy in creating a positive image for Ikorodu which will yield proper follow up by leadership to deliver more in their lines of duties.

He remarked that if the press are consecutively carried along with both the issues and projections of the land, It will keep everyone on alert as their consciousness will always be on the way forward for Ikorodu, But in the scenario where there is no transparency in the land, It will slow down the development.

Oriwu Sun Publisher Chief Monzor Olowosago appealed to the Oba to enjoin all agencies to work together in order for the media sector to fully correspond with the total coverage of Ikorodu’s empowerment. “We are ready to deliver 24/7 but it is very important for every leaders, stakeholders and politicians to work together for Ikorodu to progress to the next level”, Said Chief Olowosago.

Article Created: 12th of February 2020

20200210 165053 1 THE MEETING IN SUMMARY!
Oriwu Sun Newspaper Publisher Chief Monzor Olowosago

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