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World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) Prepares for 3rd Anniversary 2020

Feb 12, 2020

As World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) approaches 3years of Pro-Life deliveries, The Brand is set to be more creative and innovative in 2020. With no signs of slowing down in projections, This anniversary is once again taking the company back to Ikorodu Town Hall in grand style as the organization is preparing to introduce the first ever WODEAPP to the World.
According to the CEO, “We want to take the Entertainment industry to another level by becoming a trail blazer in the sector, Ikorodu will be taking the front sit to this sensation, Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch for this one,” said Eromona MIchael.
Unveiling the new WODEAPP on June 1st 2020 at the Ikorodu Town Hall.

It Should be noted that on the 2nd anniversary the company celebrated its 2019 milestone at the town hall .

Article Created:12th. Feb. 2020

Guests and members posing for a snap
Williams Olamide interviewed

The Company is also expecting guests and stakeholders from all sides to grace the event as it were prior with plans to give a positive treat to Ikorodu for its 3rd anniversary.

World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) is a dance academy established in Ikorodu for over 2yrs, It engages in Pro-Life activities e.g Talent discoveries, Teenage grooming, Caring for the needy, Skill exhibitions, event planning and more through dance.

Over the years the company have been able to successfully affiliates with platforms and institutions in Ikorodu in order to cater and promote humanity, Simply because it has partnered with different developmental clubs & agencies in the community to foster growth & healthy humanity.

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