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Feb 23, 2020

As 2020 gears on in full swing & the first quarter of the year is phasing out already, Ikorodu is also having its fair share of insecurity challenges.
In the poise for Rural development both the state & local government are merging strength to structure out strategic measures to insert Ikorodu on the map as an emerging developing region in Lagos State.

It is time for Ikorodu reflection across Nigeria to transform from the radar of everyone on their hills as a residents or indigenes alike, to becoming the center of attraction for Tourism, Entertainment & Businesses.

With the current synergy of both Constituency 1 & 2 together with the state government, there is an ongoing all round road construction in different LCDA’s, Not also losing sight of the incoming Multi Million Dollar manufacturing and production company to the region, This will effectively boast the level of Economic growth, help the market structure and equally improve the standard of living for residents and investors in general. And it should be noted here that the development will go a long way to curb insecurities.

Obviously, this is a purely growth agenda which implies that a lot of systems would be revived if well executed.
As the saying goes, “What is worth doing is worth doing well”, these applied efforts must not end up fruitless as it means HRM, the obas, Politicians, Leaders & stakeholders should capitalize on this opportunity to elevate the IKORODU STANDARD.

Take a trip down Ijede area of Ikorodu you will clearly notice the absence of financial institutions despite business activities actively proceeding excluding WEMA Bank close to Idera Bus Stop, Gazing down to the extension Ewu-Elepe area, It is also noticed, NO BANK!… until you get to Omitoro Bus stop before sighting the lone First Bank while heading straight down to Itamaga. En route to garage through Ota Ona or Sabo still no institutions in sight until you approach Ikorodu central.

This is not only observed in Ijede LGA of Ikorodu, there are other integral parts of the region that has similar ground, This is why most times the central Ikorodu (Garage) banks is choked up with customers on cue waiting for service during the course of the week.

Lets put this in mind that when capable Institutions are present within the region strategically, it naturally yields adequate security which in this sense only the Government can not provide.

This point is not undermining the present efforts of the locally created security agencies or the police who are working when need arises. But in scenarios where security is paramount to the safety of the community, Both the public & private institutions must now join capacity to advance the security level in Ikorodu generally, Because If Ikorodu is open for business then SECURITY MUST BE GUARANTEED!

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