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Feb 29, 2020


On the 28th of February in Bayeiku Ikorodu, The old students association of Reri Secondary school Oreta achieved a milestone by organising an impactful career talk program titled My Career My Success.
The program took both the students and school administrators by surprise as it brought together promising leaders in Ikorodu to the forefront of the empowerment stage within the duration of 3 hours.

Baale Of Oreta Biliaminu Babatunde Fasanya Adejupe who was the father of the day made his presence felt together with the elders of Oreta land in Igbogbo.

Miss Omodara Omotayo a guest speaker at the program engaged the students on the issue of Mass Failure in the Nigeria Educational system encouraging them to set positive goals for themselves at all cost. “If you have failed well it means you have the opportunity of starting all over again”, she said.


Never minding the fact that most times our economy does not give us adequate platform to succeed. She made the students understand that they are not meant to answer any type of name that would not reflect where they are going to in life.


Next came Miss Comfort Olafare a youth leader and convener with utmost enthusiasm enlightened the pupils on the influence of the community on self development. She made them comprehend the need to enhance their talents within the community that they are based in which will go a long help their level of proficiency.


“if you are not part of those who are working then you will not be part of those to be celebrated” said Comfort. It is important for everyone to be a participant than a speculator. The community can easily influence your growth positively if you can actively participate in the ongoing process of your society.


But if you deny yourself of your right then you will be left out of your opportunities. “You must sell yourself to your community so that you can be patronized. When that happens it means your community has identified you” she said. Advising the students on the later that if they feel unfulfilled it means they have not carried out their assignments effectively.


Honourable MKO Arowolo the councillor representing Igbogbo Bayeiku LCDA ward 4 took the stage with joy as the special guest speaker for the program to empower the students on the need for everyone to be Career conscious if they intend to be successful in life. He insisted that despite anyone’s religion there are principles to life that if applied will yield some level of success.

He advised the students to take ownership of their careers, further more they should create a culture to live long in order for them to safe guard the careers, He also stated that they must actively build new relationships in doing so they must know their worth and values. “In a world where we now have few leaders and many followers, you must choose to lead or follow for a credible reason. “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is, for success is not magic, it is learning how to stay focus” said Hon. Arowolo.


The Baale Of Oreta thanked the organisers of the program and urged them to always initiate events like this for the sake of the future leaders of Ikorodu in general and he urged the students to take yield of every teachings they have received.

Articles created: 29th February 2020


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