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We Are Wayward & We Must Now Begin To Retrace Our Steps Back To God! ~ Yahya O. Oshoala Ajagbemokeferi (Chief Imam Of Oriwu Central Mosque Ikorodu)


Mar 25, 2020



The first sight to behold when you get to Ikorodu garage is the most famous architectural masterpiece, The Oriwu Central Mosque.
Yahya O. Oshoala Ajagbemokeferi is the chief Imam of the Oriwu Central Mosque Ikorodu and it was an opportunity for Ikorodu News Network (INN) to have a sit down talk with the Imam exclusively after taken a tour with his social committee team.

“Firstly I am a servant, messager of God, And It is a normal responsibility for our brethrens in the Muslim communities to see what is happening to others by visiting hospitals, check on the patients, pray for them and provide support. It is not suppose to be the first time we are making this move but because of lack of adequate supplies been put in place well, we are doing it now, but with the help of the almighty Allah we shall be doing more as you can see how the medical officials appreciated us and was urging us to do more. I want to use this medium to encourage all institutions and organisations to support our medical institutions in these times of medical urgencies”, said Yahya.

INN: Where do you think we are now as a Nation, as a state and as a community as regards facing the present pandemic?

Chief Imam: We are wayward and we don’t follow the path of Allah. Muslims, Christians and pagans. l don’t believe in predictions, I believe in reality, and the truth of the matter is that we are wayward, we are greedy, selfish, iniquities, we back bite, the will to posses power at all cost, the will to embezzle and so on. The world is not acting right before the sight of Allah. We are not leading for justice to take place, we push for hatred, self enrichment and all.
Even in Nigeria today everyone in thirst for power are doing it in their own self interest forgetting the people. In the federal, state and even in the local level, leaders are failing the people. God is always offended when the people are treated badly. What is happening now is Allah given us a taste of our medicine which is all our defaults over time.
It started from the Parsians to the Romans, to the Russians and the Americans. The USA is watching the growth of China and do not want China to take over as world power. When everything is about power then the people are misguided.

Take a look at our president now, I believe that he has been enviloped, he is no longer what we are expecting him to be, the system has changed completely. Initially Buhari was believed to be the best man for job, but right now what can you say about his leadership?.
Do you know that 90% of Ikorodu lands are now in the possession of non indigenes?, Because the leaders we have in successions does not carry the interest of the people along. Like the Jehovah witness would says a time of “Ogun Armageddon” will come (Laughs).

INN: So what is the way forward as we have fallen short of the will of God?

Chief Imam: Allah wants us to listen to him, We must retrace our step back to Allah, Pure repentance, changing our ways.
The Bible is teaching us the truth and morality, the Koran too, the word of God is already out there, but we are not following the word of God and this is why I believe we are at the frontline of the plague. When we trace our way back to God, You would see how things would work smoothly and there would be less to worry about. The IFA people wouldn’t teach what is wrong but humans are the ones going against God. We need to change our ways and begin to act right now. Sincere repentance is the way forward for all of us at this point.

INN: What can you say about the Lagos state government instructions to shut down mosques and churches amid the corona virus pandemic and how has it affected the system?

Chief Imam: First of all I want to thank the Lagos State government for their decisions and directions in approaching this pandemic, they have done marvelously well. The governor has done well, because I believe he must have done alot of consultations from the religious bodies before acting. The only mistake was that he shouldn’t have started from the churches and mosques, They should have ensured that the schools and other institutions are closed first, then give the religious communities guidelines on how to co-ordinate our people because at the end of the day, they must come together in churches and mosques to pray to their God and Allah. They should assist religious communities with items needed to prevent worshippers from becoming contagious of the pandemic. Give us face masks and sanitizers. But it has started already and I pray it would be well controlled, and that the almighty Allah will enlighten our people to be well orientated about this pandemic.

Pt. 2 (To be Continued)



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