3 Oct 2023


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The CoVid-19 Spiritual Significance & My Message To All Muslim Communities In Ikorodu

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INN: So it means we shall be seeing more of this kind of support from you to our various medical institutions in Ikorodu?

Chief Imam: We intend to do more for Ikorodu but We have financial restrictions, so it might not be possible for us to do more as we are meant to, this is because we don’t contribute the way we are supposed to. Even as big as the mosque is, we don’t realize 20 thousand in a week for maintenance purposes, Even before it was relaunched, we could hardly make 3 thousand in a week can you believe that? Even for just maintenance, so how can it be possible for us to now have a culture to continuously support those medical institutions? When there is restrictions. People are not committed in regularly contributing to grow our Islamic agenda. We don’t get money.
On like our sister religious community (the Christians) that contributes and pay their tithes, Here people don’t take those practice seriously.
Just like the Christians pays Tithes the Muslims pay their Sakat, instead of the brethren to pay their Sakat in bulk, they just remove peanuts out of it and share among their Alphas and that is all, which is not proper. If the contributions are done properly then we would be able to support the way we are suppose to but the structure is not balanced on that side.

INN: Is there any significance attached to this Corona virus pandemic?


Chief Imam: In the Koran, It happened in sham and everyone was told to stay where they are, the prophet instructed the people not to talk too much and blow the situation out of proportion because the situation is only a trial, it is clearly stated that when there is a pandemic of this nature, Everyone should stay where they are, No one is expected to migrate from one place to another which is meant to prevent the contagious nature of the virus. Those who are witness to the outbreak are not supposed to flee their destination, while others are to stay where they are, if this was done and the virus was detected earlier, then maybe by now the virus would have been contained.

INN: Your advice to the Muslim Brethrens in Ikorodu.

Chief Imam: Stay at home, pray to God and do not over blow issues. That is the word of our holy prophet Muhammad. He thought us in the midst of any pandemic, we should not move around and mind what we say while we pray to him for answers, it is my prayer that the almighty Allah will save us from this calamity.


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