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We Pray That Poverty Will Not Kill More People Than CoVid-19 Itself ~ Bishop Otusanya Festus Omomajemu


Mar 30, 2020


As Lagos braces up for a 14 days mandatory stay home instructions by the Lagos state government to contain the CoVid-19 Pandemic, Ikorodu News Network had an extensive sit down chat with the general overseer of the True Covenant Church Of God Worldwide, Bishop (Prophet) Festus Otusanya Omomajemu.

INN: Here we go Sir, the stay home implementation starts from 11pm tonight…….


Bishop Festus: They said you should stay home but they never stopped you from praying to your God. The government has asked us to stay home due to a pandemic that must be closely watched, It is very understandable but now Our religious communities must commit everything into the hands of God.

A law was made because of Daniel in the Bible that nobody should call another God except their gods, but it was revealed that when they where expecting Daniel to bend, at that particular time, he opened his window wide for all to see him praying to the most high God. Right in our homes now we should turn ourselves into a weapon of prayers.

As a servant and prophet of God I pray that God will not allow this containment last for 14 days because it will create an unforeseen tension among lagosians if care is not taken. If people stay at home without any provisions, it will eventually result to things we cannot imagine. I believe you know that even before this pandemic alot of people don’t have jobs. This will only take the grace & wisdom of God to control

INN: How can the busy Lagos state easily adapt to this new system in place?


Bishop Festus: The population of Lagos state is over 22million, In as much as I will commend the efforts been put in place already by Governor Sanwo-Olu, I want to urge the government to be more sensitive and strategic in their approach to managing this state as they work hard to contain this virus.
Most youths in Lagos are unemployed and still under their parents while some of them run daily jobs. I can tell you that we won’t be having a very friendly atmosphere in the next fourteen days if it happens, Our electricity power supply is never stable, the weather is very hot, some people might even fall sick for staying at home constantly as funny as it might sound. It will be hard for some people to adapt to this drastic change.

Like for instance the Okada riders mostly provide daily support for their families believing that the next day they will get back to work and make money. But with this stay at home instruction, and no adequate support, how will most of them cope with their families.

If you check closely now you can see that prices of consumable goods are already going up. Because some commodities are getting scarce in the small markets, Now few people are selling and they’re taking advantage of the market price. Rubber of Garri is now 800naira, a tuber of Yam is been priced for 1,200naira just to mention a few of the hikes.

We have also started hearing people now going into petty thefts around. It will only take the fear of God to prevent this waiting period not to get out of hand.

For most people, food is their medicine, If the government wants people to sit at home then there is no problem as long as they strategically locate those grassroot venerable areas and give them the essential supports that is needed.

INN: What do you advice everyone to do now because we have not experienced this before.


Bishop Festus: We must now move closer to God in prayers, what is going on now in our society, it means we must hold on to God more than ever before. God needs to hear our voices now just like the children of Israel cried out to God to bring back their lost glory, because the solution of the pandemic is in the hands of God. It is obvious now that this crisis is beyond man to provide remedy. Those who can fast should fast and others should pray. The scientists and medical experts are working round the clock now but yet still no solution, Even the wealthy and rich folks that thinks money is everything now are been scorned with this shameful plague.

PT.2 (To Be Continued)



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