3 Oct 2023


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Lagos State Government Plans To Supply Emergency Food

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20200331_123228-COLLAGEThe implementation of this Emergency food response is ongoing, and the plan is to feed at least 200,000 households in phases across the 57 LGAs and LCDAs with bags of food (5kg rice/5kg Garri/3kg Beans/0.2kg dry pepper/3 loaves of bread). In times of crisis as is the trend in even the most advanced nations, dry rations (non-perishable food items) are shared as they do not need to be stored or preserved under special conditions. The pack being provided to Lagosians (the vulnerable communities in all our localities) is to estimated to last for 2 weeks.

Screenshot_20200331-123030Another is the plan to have makeshift markets in selected school compounds across the LGAs/LCDAs temporarily during this time to reduce the need for large numbers of consumers to congregate in our main markets e.g Mile 12. Having these temporary markets (to hold at least 2x a week) will reduce the need to travel longer distances, thereby limiting or de-risking transmission of COVID-19.

Screenshot_20200331-123017We have over 22million people in Lagos …translating to 3.67million households. We know this pandemic will end in the shortest possible time, hopefully. We are working with the CDC/Councillors cooperative database as well as the Lagos State Single Social Register to help identify the most vulnerable communities, and do our best to ensure the food items get to them.

We will have MoAgric/EXCO members/LAHA members/Neighbourhood watch on ground to ensure compliance and that the food gets to the ascribed communities.
In the spirit of this initiative, corporate organisations in the FMCG space have indicated interest and have started to dobate towards the Food bank, starting today itself. What this means is that we can reach more families and communities and with a wider array of items other than the aforementioned.


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