30 Nov 2023


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I Stand Up For Lagos State, I Salute Nigeria ~ SOB Agunbiade

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img 20200405 wa0023 Everything may not be well with my country, but this is certainly one of the special moments I feel so proud of Nigeria and its governments.

Screenshot_20200405-205541Everything may not be well with my country, but this is certainly one of the special moments I feel so proud of Nigeria and its governments.

It is very commendable that while the scourge of Corona Virus is manifesting in leaps and bounds in other climes, making world power jittery and humble, Nigeria, aided by the ever proactive Lagos State government, has consistently kept the pandemic situation under enviable control.

Though it is not yet Uhuru, our success with the virulent virus so far, has suprised world powers much so that they wonder how we are doing it. This is just as some predict for Nigeria, the escalation of the dare devil corona affliction in weeks to come, while others commend our governments’ approach as a way to encourage us.IMG-20200405-WA0023

Who says there is no government in Nigeria, with what Lagos State has demonstrated and still demostrating since the first confirmed case of corona in Nigeria, which spurred the federal government into effective action, the citizenry should commend the individuals at the helms of government for this gallantry in medical battle.

The relief package may not be forthcoming or sufficient as the case may be, but we should be happy that we are not rolling our loved ones into the graves in droves, upon affliction with the dreaded virus. After all relief is only for the living!

This is the time to design strategies for clapping, commending and motivating the heroes of our peace so far in Nigeria; those who risk their lives daily as frontliners / medical personnels, treating suspected and confirmed cases of corona and yielding some of the individuals with positive identity back to thier families with proclamation of negative status.

I will urge that we begin to view our government with the prism of infalibility of human person which rules out iota of perfection.
Lagos State Government, keep up the struggle, Nigeria government I salute your ressilience.

Togther we can walk and work the dream of a better nation we all desire.

Once again, let us all remain strong in this battle. Thank you all.

Agunbiade S.O.B
Lagos State House of Assembly20200405_210533-COLLAGE

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