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Meet The New Face Of World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) Ikorodu Central


Apr 5, 2020

IMG-20200405-WA0006~3Suleman ilias is an Ikorodu based theatre and art performer also known with the stage name Da Flames & he hail from Kogi  State of Nigeria. Born on the 8th Of June 1995 

The graduate of  mass communication in Lagos state polytechnic, self proclaimed master in the art of theatre has been in Ikorodu since 2014.

IMG-20200405-WA0002~2“I am an artistic director, dance instructor, and creative artists and I spend most of my time studying performing Art, music, drama & theatre under the tutelage of Mr. Ibrahim Nurudeen, Iskilu Shittu & Ayoola Soyinka (JP)”, said the 24 years old instructor.

He Currently is the dance instructor in Lagos state polytechnic ‘s performing and media arts class & entrepreneurship dept.

“Dance has always been part of me for years now and I see myself taking dance as a full time profession later on, having a troupe with full knowledge of performing and creative arts in general, getting contracts from different parts of the world , and being part of dance gurus in Nigeria and Africa at large”, He said.

He can as well create design Props & Costumes for stage plays and shows, groom the talents and make them truly understand and interpret a play through dance and acting”, Said Illias.IMG-20200405-WA0009~2

World Of Dance Entertainment for me is an opportunity to show what I already know how to do best, But now am going to bring a twist to the table of the management, because looking at the direction of the brand since their inception, I think it’s more of a contemporary hip-hop and break dance, But now am bringing in more of a traditional, cultural and dramatic feel to the system which I believe will be popular and widely accepted by the board. And I am looking forward to a synergy that will last for a long period of time as God please.IMG-20200405-WA0005~2

Dance industry in ikorodu has always been a successful one even though they face much obstacles and are not being supported by the local govt, they try to pick up young talents and build their skills, giving hope to those who think less of themselves and making ikorodu proud.IMG-20200405-WA0003~3

After an extensive meetings with the CEO we decided to broaden the scope of the company with my infusion which has been given a shot as you can see.

We now have everything fixed and soughted out which would eventually kick off immediately the pandemic CoVid-19 crisis subsides.

World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) Ikorodu central is aimed at building young talent and reshaping the lives of youth in a positive way, there are many more to benefit from WODE, it’ll build and train you for a better future, brings out the talents and abilities in you , and exposes you to different lifetime opportunities. IMG-20200405-WA0008~3


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