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Life After A Disruption ~ Princess Folashade Grace Olabanji-Oba

Apr 8, 2020

image Honourable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, is synonymous with courage, compassion and innovation in leadership at the grassroots level and nationwide especially within the Ikorodu division of Lagos State as she holds the exalted position of the Vice Chairman of Ikorodu LG.

She is also the National Deputy Chairman, Association of Local Government Vice-Chairman of Nigeria.

Her passion for humanity brought about the Shelter of Grace Foundation, an NGO that has been transforming and impacting lives positively.

She has the knack for Entrepreneurship which drove her to be a real estate and media consultant.

Join us as we play host to this enigma on Moment of Epiphany series today.

Topic: Life after a Disruptionimage

Yesterday I saw a comic video shared by Hon Babajimi Benson on social media about a young man that was stopped and questioned by police officers after he has been isolated for months and he could not recount the alphabetical letters. At first it looks funny but on the real I self pondered on it and thought of the system change implications we are in right now.

I want to firstly appreciate the efforts of our President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR & also our state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, because why the federal government and state are trying their best to contain this virus on one side, The citizens on the other hand is subjected to adjusting to a new system of life which is staying at home indefinitely.

That is why I tagged this sitting as “The Life After Disruption”.

Even as we pray to God for this global crisis called CoVid-19 to come to an end positively, we have to see beyond this pandemic and forecast the psychological, physical and economic challenges and impact that comes with it afterwards.

Firstly let’s talk about the psychological challenge attached to this crisis. The freedom to move from one place to another, every bit of communication is done on phone or online, This has never been experienced before, If we were told in the beginning of this year that we would be on lockdown and restricted like this, No one would be able to adequately prepare for it.

No stable power supply, Yes the government has reduced the price of fuel to 123:50 but we now have areas that from morning till night is bubbled by the sounds of different generators, not to talk about its own type of air pollution aside it’s noise, this has a psychological effect on humans.

For most of us that do the 9 to 5 jobs for over decades now, sitting at home from morning till evening is like house arrest.

Our children, the ones that does not even understand what is going on, the health measure circle that we must execute within every 24hours, though it is for our own good but in the same vein strenuous to undergo regularly.

And those who even understand what is going on but cannot have ways to remedy their present circumstances. Some people did not even have a job before the lockdown,

So right now, what are they doing?

What is this challenge constituting?

This disruption, what kind of life are we going to have after it?

Look at America today with over 400,000 infected patients and 12,000 deaths recorded. They are the world power, what effect would that have on the world economy when the dust settles?

These are questions we must begin to ask ourselves in preparation for the aftermath of this crisis because this will lead to a global paradigm shift in every facets of our lifes.

This is why I am pressed about the Life after this disruption.
We must begin to educate our people, orientate their mindset now because everyone is shouting about no money and food, We must thank God for life first because it is only those that have life that can eat food and look for money. This virus is real and it’s plaguing the entire globe.

We must now start to empower citizens alike psychologically to build them up because after this crisis, to some people it will look like starting life over again as jobs would be lost and things would be hard economically.

As we pray let us orientate ourselves because I truly care.


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