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An Easter Of Unity & Progress ~ Hon Onamade Oluwatosin


Apr 11, 2020

IMG-20200411-WA0036Easter is a Period of celebrating the faithfuls, It is a festive period which carries liberation.
This is a time which are meant to come together and celebrate, But as we all know there is not enough reason for everyone to converge as the lockdown is still in effect.IMG-20200411-WA0037

But one thing is certain even in this sensitive period, There is the act of kindness and generosity saturating the nation now, People are trying to give what they have to those who don’t while others are still counting on the government for more reliefs.IMG-20200411-WA0038

My message for you this day, As we celebrate Easter is for us to Unite and keep working together for better progress ahead.

We all need each other at this point, CoVid-19 Pandemic as we can see doesn’t segregates, It means the only solution is Unity, And then our progress will come in as our Victory.

I also want to use this medium to Sympathizing with our regions from:
– Ijede community
– Egbin Community
– Oke Eletu Community
– Igbe Community
– Igbodu Community
– Igbopa & Abule Eko CommunityIMG-20200411-WA0032

I know that it has not been easy for us but at the end of it all our victory is sure, We must not give up, We must stand strong and stay together for the best is yet to come.
There is going to be a light at the end of the tunnel for us.
Let us continue to be our brothers keeper, Let’s begin to show that we care for each other.
Our patience will never be in vain as we adhere to the instructions of our government, it will surely end up to favour us all.Screenshot_20200409-203713

As we celebrate this Easter I want us to join forces and come out of this global pandemic in Love and Harmony.
Like the saying “What doesn’t Kill you makes you stronger”, More people are recovering, it means our doctors are working hard round the clock, It also means we can beat this.Screenshot_20200409-202300

I Honorable Onamade Oluwatosin wish you all a Happy Easter Celebration of Unity & Progress.


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