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Easter: Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Urges Christians To Show Love And Be Prayerful Despite Challenges, Saying “This Too Shall Pass”.


Apr 11, 2020


IMG-20200411-WA0041The National Deputy Chairman ( Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria) and Vice Chairman of Ikorodu LG Honourable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba has urged Christians to continue to show love to one another and also pray as they celebrate the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

She explained that at a time where the world has been hit by a deadly pandemic, the prayers of all Christian faithfuls are Truly needed.IMG-20200411-WA0042

“Taking a good look at the present situation around the world, everyone would agree that the solution of the problem that has hit the world can’t be solved by the government alone but by collaborative efforts of us all.
Easter celebration is about perfect love. It about the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ…
It is a time for Revival, hope reflections and new opportunities…

Princess Olabanji-Oba, who further appreciated the efforts of the federal, states and local governments in ensuring the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria is curtailed.

Also, she applauded Lagos state governor, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu for his excellent leadership giant strides in fighting Covid-19 in the state.
She said our frontline workers are our heroes. IMG-20200411-WA0048
She has complimented the efforts of the federal and state governments by giving out stimulus food relief family support. She shared Garri,Rice, Beans ,semolina, Spaghetti,indomie and cash donations…
Furthermore, she urged everyone to be law abiding and take necessary measures to curb the spread of Covid-19

She Continues……..Screenshot_20200412-135646

Easter Celebration Signifies the Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now according to the story, Before the Celebration started everybody was in a sober reflection mode Because Jesus had been crucified and buried for over 3 days. Most especially those he worked with while sharing the good news.IMG-20200411-WA0045

They were all in depression and confusion because it looked like everything Jesus preached about had been defeated, All the miracles, Signs and wonders, Most especially all the Sacrifice he made that ultimately lead to his death is not been validated.

It was a period that posed a heavy doubt concerning the kingdom of God, But as soon as the news broke that Jesus Christ has risen up from the dead, He became the Number one Super Star of the Christian World till today.IMG-20200411-WA0016

That sacrifice can not be short changed for anything else. This is why when I gaze at the selfless service of all our medical practitioners and health personnels today in this time of CoVid-19 Pandemic I get very emotional knowing that sometimes their sacrifices are not well acknowledged.

They are now the Soldiers on the frontline combating this virus and at the same time putting their lives on the line to ensure that humans end up victorious in this fight.
They are not going into this challenge with strength or power, neither are they heading to the creeks or hide outs, They are moving with gloves, masks and their medical know how to various known facilities with one purpose only, KICK OUT COVID-19 FROM THIS WORLD.

They are entering with compassion, Wisdom from God, pure science, and most all with their lives.IMG-20200411-WA0015

They deserve all the appreciations necessary, they should be listened to carefully, their needs and requirements must be met urgently and their challenges must be taken care of immediately, because right now they are at the centre of affairs and the nation’s tendency of recovery scales on their capacity to work effectively.

Let’s not also forget that they have families like us that looks to them as Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, not knowing their fate as they are deployed daily to quarantine and isolation facilities to combat this virus.image

I Princess Folashade Grace Olabanji-Oba say to all our CoVid-19 Soldiers and I mean our doctors, nurses and all our medical practitioners in Lagos and across Nigeria and the rest of the world……..

Your Sacrifices and efforts will be celebrated as a victory for our nation Nigeria and the world as Jesus Christ our saviour is been celebrated today for his resurrection.Screenshot_20200412-135605

You are not alone and you will never be taken for granted. Thumbs up to you our medical soldiers!!!

Thank You for all your selflessness and thanks for been there.
I really care, So I know you truly care for Nigeria and the world!

Happy Easter To You All.IMG-20200411-WA0014


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  1. More Blessing, Favour and Grace to you,ma…As you are uplifting the Spirit of others,May Almighty God continue to Elevate you….

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