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Please Help Jesutunbi Samuel To Defeat Cancer!

Apr 13, 2020

IMG-20200413-WA0013~2 Health they say is wealth, this can best describe the situation of Mr. Samuel JESUTUNBI, 45 years old father of two (2) beautiful children who reside in Igbogbo, Ikorodu Division who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma of Anterior Chest Wall with Right Lung metastasis, which means that the cancer arise from the muscle of the chest affecting the bone and also spread to the right lung.IMG-20200413-WA0012~2

His medical records was transferred from General Hospital , Ikorodu to LASUTH, Ikeja due to urgent need for Specialist review.
A Consultant Radiologist , Dr. Chili J. ODO of Me Cure Healthcare Limited carried out a CT Scan of the Chest and the following was discovered:

1. A huge mixed density mass in the right anterior chest wall apparently arising from the right pectoralis major muscle

2. Circumscribed Pulmorary nodules in the right lung field suggesting metastasis
3. Multiple right axillary lymphadenopathies.

The CANCER has spread so much and urgent treatment with likely CHEMOTHERAPY is needed.

The rate of the growth of the cancer is alarming, hence the need of financial assistance from the general public to help him stay alive.

Let us help JESUTUNBI defeat CANCER

All donations to First Bank account 3121276617
JESUTUNBI, OLUWATOYIN SEKINAT (Wife) – +234(0)8141655740IMG-20200413-WA0011~2

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