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Safety And Security (Food) For Lagosians: Open Letter To The Attorney General & Commissioner For Justice, Lagos State


Apr 13, 2020


Dear Learned Silk

It is becoming clearer that we were not prepared for an event like COVID 19.

With the current situation in the Agege area of Lagos State it has become obvious that the insecurity will claim more lives than the COVID 19 pandamic if not addressed within the shortest possible time.

May I humbly suggest that we first and foremost reactivate our justice system as a priority in dealing with disputes within our communities

Secondly, may I suggest we put more faith in our community leaders [Local Government, traditional rulers, religious leaders, philanthropist & family unit heads] to liaise with the police within the community to ensure the safety of lives and property through dialogue and other support structures.

Thirdly, if we realize that what we are doing is for our benefit then we should attempt to create an equal playing field for everyone to determine their own interests. In this regard, we need to come up with a unique way to fight this pandemic.

If we do not consider unique measures we are setting the state up for a mob reaction to lack of food, ability to earn and support ourselves.

Learned AG, you will agree with me that to many Lagosians, health care is for the rich. The largely poor citizens go by each day on the ability to go out and make a daily living. We have taken that away from them in the name of COVID 19. If we do not feed them and we do not allow them to go and feed themselves then we are merely begging for it.

Let us remember that the poor have nothing to loose [except their lives… Which of course is now threatened]

As Chairman of NBA Ikorodu Branch and a Lagosian, I am at your service to do what is necessary to support government but I am bound to speak for the voiceless and the oppressed people of my community.

At your service.

Bayo Akinlade Esq
Chairman NBA Ikorodu Branch20200413_132310-COLLAGE


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