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Are The 20Local Government & 37LCDAs As Proactive As The State Government In This Time Of CoVid-19? ~ Abike “Duchess” Allison O.


Apr 19, 2020

20200419_124010-COLLAGEIkorodu Local Government in time as been known to host the second largest Industrial Estate in Lagos State. The socio Economic and Traditional values of this Division can not be over looked, This is simply because Ikorodu Division founding fathers have helped set the pace for the Division in times of Trade, Culture, Education, Economy etc.

Since 1999 alot of Modern Development as gained access into Ikorodu (Although there are also negative sides that comes with it), But the entrance of Coronavirus or CoVid-19 is now testing our Faith.


In December 2019 we saw the virus that emerged out of Wuhan China shaking the very foundation of the highly prestigious medical institutions of the world. IMG-20200419-WA0004~3

Advance countries are battling to cub the wings of this pandemic & that has exposed alot of mistakes in the science world and also shown how vulnerable we are today because record now reflects more than 2million people has been infected with more than 100 thousand deaths globally.

With Nigeria for what it is, Coronavirus or CoVid-19 sneaked into our country, And this has now given us little or no answers to a whole lot of questions.

The Nigerian Masses do not understand deeply what has happened, And this is mostly synonymous with the rural sectors.

The global elite where initially toying with the implications that comes with the Coronavirus and here we are today.

However, Lagos State Government which has over the years comprehend the delicate nature of such a pandemic on the most enterprising state in the nation with over 22million inhabitants is trying it’s best to combat this health crisis.

Led by Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu (Governor of Lagos State) actions are now in full swing in active partnership with the federal ministry of health to control and battle this Pandemic.IMG-20200419-WA0005~2

Lagos State has implemented Laws, Going as far as shutting down almost every institutions in the state just to control a full blown outbreak, becauses anything that affects Lagos State can equally distabilize the entire state of the Nation.

But are the 20 Local Government and 37LCDAs as proactive as the state government?

Well, I am not going to dable into other local government in Lagos state as that question is for stakeholders to ponder on, but for me, This question is directed at my dear IKORODU DIVISION.

IKORODU DIVISION which is positioned strategically at a 30 minutes drive from the State Capital and shares boundaries with communities and towns in Ogun State (Ita Oluwo, Emuren, Fakale, Imuti etc), with an inflow and out flow of over 8,000 people per day, One would have expected a pro active plan to be put in place to safe guard the lives of over 2million inhabitants of the Division.Screenshot_20200419-141008

Let not forget that majority (65 percent) of the people living in this Division are farmers (Aquatic, livestocks and crops) that sells their stocks at Ayanbure market Sabo, Garage, Ojubode, Ejina Market ,Obun oke, Obun-ale, Agric – owutu Market, Oluwoidekan etc.

This individuals are semi – illiterates that don’t understand any other languages than making their daily income.

Now what is CORONAVIRUS to them?

Why should they stay home during this Lockdown?

This is where the Local Government and LCDA’S should form a measure of communication or sensitisation for this set of people to understand what is actually going on.IMG-20200419-WA0004~3

The cab drivers, bike operators ( Okada) don’t understand the meanings of all this and it’s implications thereof, These traders mostly live on their daily incomes, which means they must go out everyday.

The Local Government should take the pains of gaining their trust and psychologically connect with the masses, understanding that though it would be tough and tight during this crisis but we all are in it together.

This is how we can gradually introduce the spirit of oneness and togetherness amongst our people.

 It is a pity that it mostly takes our Royal Fathers calling on the security agencies to protect our people during times of crisis.

What then is the Local Council’s doing? 

For me this question is not to shake any table, but I want to perceive it as a wake up call to make things right at this point in time.

Nigeria will get it right as long as we don’t  look away from the problem at hand.

Enlighten that your neighbour today

Stay at home

Stay safe.20200419_124010-COLLAGE


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