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Food Relief Packages Are For The Vulnerable People And Not For Those Who Can Still Manage Themselves ~ Hon Onamade Oluwatosin


Apr 19, 2020

IMG-20200418-WA0048~2We are all in this together, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR has extended the lockdown and our State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu is working diligently to get the job done. Though it feels like the self isolation status we have found ourselves is unbearable but trust me there will be a light for us at the end.

We should be concentrating on reaching out to the grassroot venerable people and not the once who are still able to make ends meet in this lockdown.

 With close observations on how this relief packages are been distributed, One thing has been obvious, Most of the people that this packages are given to are not the ones that are really in need of it. I need to be corrected if am wrong, but that has been the case to me.IMG-20200418-WA0055~2

The inner streets, avenues and cronies are still deserted, more people are crying than the ones been supported.

It is because of this inadequate distribution that our people are beginning to seeing this stay at home implementation as a punishment. let me quote one of our humble resident….

“Why do you think the poor are unwilling to stay at home?
Is it because you think they want to die?

Let’s open our understanding by discussing the pros and cons, and analyse within proper context..

There are two issues now in Lagos.
1. Health crisis
2. Hunger crisis

The rich are afraid of (1)
The poor are afraid of (2)

The rich are pushing the poor to stay at home as they who are rich believe that is what will save the situation and perhaps theirs as well.

The poor are also pushing to survive as they know they may die of hunger and not the virus if they don’t take care.

The rich, it appears, fear the virus and not hunger.

The poor, it seems, fear hunger than the virus.

Each is fighting for his survival, only differently.

Let the rich, if they are really serious to push this strategic steps, Be taken to feed all the poor, Not only once but twice at least.

But if they just keep crying stay at home, the poor may take the desperate mantra to mean- die at homeIMG-20200418-WA0047~2

We are each others keeper.

For the poor to stay at home and soundly, what they fear most, which is hunger crisis must be well dealt with.
Otherwise they will come out to survive, and that is as well dangerous; for they may eventually be killed by the cruel virus or the abusive bullets of overly aggressive security men.

Let’s be each others keeper in this hard times.

Let the rich stand for the poor in this crisis, and together, we shall be safe!”.

I must say in this sense that we need to ensure that when it’s time to distribute these items, the ones who are in need should be the paramount target and not those that can manage themselves if they are given or not.

Working together to meet the needs of the people adequately will reduce the fear we are seeing today and give the government more space to combat this CoVid-19 pandemic.IMG-20200418-WA0045~2

While am saying this at the same time, I also don’t want to take away the fact that most of our leaders are really trying at this time to be a good Representatives of their different Communities like the:

1. Hon Nurudeen Saka SOLAJA Representating Ikorodu Constituency 2

2. Alhaji Abiru Ganiu Chairman Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS)

3. Mr. Gbenga Sobote in OKE-ELETU community, Ijede LCDA.

4. Mr. Agbaje Jamiu- Temidire CDA Chairman Elemu Oke-Eletu.

5. Hon. Adefarasin Hassan – Former LAHA member & former Chairman Ijede LCDA.

6. Sen. Adebayo Osinowo – Lagos east SENATORIAL District

7. Sen. Anthony Adefuye (The Olugbon of Lagos).

8. Hon Babajimi Adegoke Benson MHR (Ikorodu Federal Constituency)

9. Hon SOB Agunbiade ML LAHA Representating Ikorodu Constituency 1

10. Hon Mrs Abike Kafayat Dabiri-Erewa    

11. Hon Aguda Emmanuel


These leaders I must say are doing marvelously well for the people and if we follow suit I believe there will be little lamentations occurring in our regions and Communities.

We already know that the task ahead is not for only the government to achieve, We as residents have alot of role to play, Moreover, Our average privileged residents should make it a priority to reach out to the  less privilege ones, this will make the world go round with love.

In this times we need not to criticize the government but rather we should encourage them in adding several effort to counter covid-19 together. And with this in no time we shall all Celebrate the victory over the pandemic and start rebuilding our Nation and our Economy.

God Bless Ikorodu, God Bless Lagos & God Bless Nigeria.



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One thought on “Food Relief Packages Are For The Vulnerable People And Not For Those Who Can Still Manage Themselves ~ Hon Onamade Oluwatosin”
  1. Bossman, I give it to u sir as u were able to help become d mouthpiece of both d rich n d poor as well as trying to bridge d gap between d rich and d poor, elites and commoners, I implore u to see d reason for this write up is appropriately checked.
    Once again I say bravo!!!!!

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