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May 3, 2020 , ,

Screenshot_20200503-134632In this times of crisis and increase in the needs of the masses, It is certain that most of the measures been enhanced by the government and other institutions would benefit some while others would still feel the brinks, And in the same vein, it would be a medium for different social practisoners to cash in and make the best out of the situation either for positive or negative ends.

Ikorodu News Network’s attention was brought into the case of a social activist with the name of Bimbo Oke aka Bimbo_Cash as seen in her social media handle, Who is presently projecting an #IkoroduThieves movement for reasons not totally clear to the general public and most especially to both indigenes and non indigenes of IKORODU land.


As seen on her Twitter platform above a video displays the Distribution Of Relief Packages to some individuals and she held her phone recording it with her voice on the background emphasizing on how giving the right way is important.

But the video poses a twist because viewers would not understand the impression she created and are curious about the #IkoroduThieves, Until another video was posted by her where inhabitants ambushed a car filled with Relief Packages and absconded with them by force as seen in the pictures below.Screenshot_20200503-134937

She uploaded the video and highlighted the items looted by the unknown individuals, then she went on to advise people with intentions to support the vulnerable at this time of CoVid-19 Pandemic not to activate any such activities in Ikorodu articulating that only looters & hoodlums resides in IKORODU.

As this report is gathered we have no idea who Mrs. Bimbo Oke is or where she hails from, We have no idea if she works with any government body in Nigeria or if she is an intermediary for any international organisation to support the needy, We only know that she is an active social media personality with over 20k followers on Twitter.

Social Media propagandist is erroneous, Mrs Bimbo has no position to have acclaimed IKORODU as a place of hoodlums and looters, Bringing down the pedigree and rich heritage of a Land she knows Notting about is wrong and a careless approach to handling sensitive cases of this kind.

This article is open to only elucidate the fact that whatever has happened to her while initiating a relief Supply was not caused by ‘IKORODU’. 

IKORODU is one of the largest LGA in Lagos State that harbours over 2 million people, Enriched with an enviable culture/tradition like no other and is endowed with Leaders and Representatives that spans across the Division.

IKORODU is bigger and blessed than what Mrs Bimbo is projecting about the region to the general public, It is unfair, unjust and uncalled for. 

In America today we have steady daily crimes in Chicago, But it is referred to as ‘Black On Black Crimes’ and not ‘Chicago Crimes’. For her to put IKORODU on the map in such a negative light is appalling and she should strategize means of retracting her statements and also deleting those posted videos online

Mrs. Bimbo is not entitled to drag an entire region through the mud simply because few sets of individuals looted her Distribution items.

INN is using this medium to appreciate every IKORODU Leaders, Representatives and Private Institutions for all the love and generosity that has been showed in this season of lockdown. We are grateful to the government and all Stakeholders for making sure that the needy are been catered for even though everyone might not be able to completely benefit from it.


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