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We Shall Continue To #MaskUpIjedeLCDA & #MaskUpLagos ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade


May 8, 2020

IMG_20200507_183537As Nigerians grip the reality of the CoVid-19 Pandemic, Leaders in different Communities, regions and districts have in different dimensions presented several positive measures to alleviate the challenges of the masses.

This same quality exemplifies the character and goodwill contributions of Hon Oluwatosin Onamade to IJEDE LCDA in Ikorodu.

Two days ago Ikorodu News Network was Privileged to accompany his team of volunteers plus the the honorable himself to Ijede Market-Egbin Area of Ikorodu to support the traders and inhabitants with Fibre face masks.20200507_190831-COLLAGE

Once again this act of safety measures was repeated by the honorable at the Oke-Eletu Central Market and extended to the Elemu area of Ijede LCDA.

The traders and dwellers were all Encouraged by the kind gesture as it took little time for alot of people to converge around the face mask sharing process.

“We cannot stop emphasizing on the importance of using this Face Masks simply because the virus is invisible and cannot be detected until it has manifested inside the body of the individual”, said Hon Onamade.20200507_190722-COLLAGE

“It is now a responsibility for us as leaders to keep bringing the #MaskUpLagos agenda to the people of our community which is Ijede LCDA and advice them to ensure they use this mask effectively and regularly since they have to go out and make ends meet for their families.” Hon Onamade added.

He also took the awareness to Igbodu market and Abule Community of Ijede LCDA.IMG_20200506_191314_1

Chief Adedayo Oshikoya Awolate The Olootu of Shogba Royal Family in OKE-ELETU thanked Hon Oluwatosin Onamade’s efforts toward helping Ijede LCDA at this time of health crisis and prayed for him earnestly to increase in capacity.

Chief Olumide shobote Executive Member of Oke Eletu Development committee expressed his enthusiasm towards Hon Onamade’s Contributions to the community.

“If we have more Leaders like Hon Onamade in IJEDE LCDA communities doing such great things for us then it means our community will be transformed in the very near future, We Cannot say thank you enough to him and we urge him to continue with that spirit of generosity as Ijede LCDA will never forget it” Said Chief Shobote.20200507_190935-COLLAGE

“He has now begin to set the appropriate leadership standards that growing youths need to emulate, Most times such efforts are not costly but because most of us has positioned ourselves to recieve order than giving, It has made few like Onamade take the lead at this time!” Chief Dewale Eruja – Jagun Eluku Executive Member of Oke Eletu Development committee

“The number of infected persons is now on the rise so we must take absolutely safety measures now to help our people because we are now fighting against CoVid-19 and hunger, But we believe that at the end we shall conquer and be victorious in this fight” Hon Onamade added.Screenshot_20200507-214000


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One thought on “We Shall Continue To #MaskUpIjedeLCDA & #MaskUpLagos ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade”
  1. A good job of journalistic approach.Hon Onamade is a pacesetter and a colossal exemplary figure as far as Oke Eletu is concern.

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