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Abandonment Of Water Projects In Our Community Causes Damages & Additional Expenses To The Government ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade


May 12, 2020

IMG-20200418-WA0052~2Whatever affects the people affects me, This is because when am not on active duty, I am going around the community to see how our people are faring.

The million dollar question now is, How many people can you provide for in the midst of an economic meltdown?

Palm Avenue (Ijede LCDA)

Remember they say ‘A problem shared is half solved’, This is why if we remind ourselves of our shared responsibilities as constantly in no time the world would be a better place.

Our local government must begin to step up to the plate and make life easy for our inhabitants in Ijede LCDA, this is very important now because our people are under enough pressure already.

When we distributed the face Masks around Ijede LCDA, It was obvious that there are boreholes we saw in a very bad state.

Abule Eko (Ijede LCDA)

Our rural areas must be helped with good source of water supply in this times we are in.

We might be looking at the Distribution of Palliative, fibre Face Masks and all that, But what about water?

Water is an essential means of livelihood that cannot be overemphasized today.

We have alot of delapidated boreholes in this community all around and they all need to be rejuvenated to help our people live well.

Ire Akari, Oke-Eletu (Ijede LCDA)

The Water Corporation we have in Ikorodu, their supplies didn’t get to Ijede LCDA.

Igbe does not have any link from water corporation, Oke-Eletu also does not have, Ijede central does not have supplies from the water corporation, Also Ayetoro Community and Egbin power station. It means all the community that makes up the Ijede LCDA does not have adequate water supplies.

Since the Development of this area commenced as far back as i can remember, Borehole sinking has been the major way of sustaining the community with water.

Elemu Bus stop (Ijede LCDA)

Without electricity there is no proper measures put in place to ensure water is available to our people. 

Now that we have a pandemic that warrants proper healthy activities like the ‘Sanitization’ which water is a major part of, How will our people be able to meet up with this expectation?

When we don’t have enough water to drink, bath, wash and prepare food, how can we use it continuously for up to 20seconds with soap as a CoVid-19 remedy requirement knowing that water is not readily available for effective usage?

Along Abule Eko Road (Ijede LCDA)

I am urging our local government to try and fix all our delapidated boreholes in Ijede LCDA and make them work effectively for our people to use. We must try our best now to reduce the moderate level of sufferings from the Midst of our people.

We have people just living from hand to mouth, moving from place to place and making ends meet by faith. It is not a good thing for our people to be clamoring for good water supplies at this time.

It should also be noted that abandonment of water project in community causes damage and additional expenses to the Government, And it also slows down the developmental processes of the community.

I am Hon Oluwatosin Onamade from IJEDE LCDA & I believe together we can develop our community for the Better.

Opposite Ilupeju (Ijede LCDA)



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