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Government Eases Lockdown, Arab Contractors Continues Elepe-Ijede Road Construction In IKORODU


May 12, 2020

IMG-20200510-WA0015~2Amidst the increasing case of CoVid-19 Pandemic in Lagos State while the government reviews the effect of its lockdown easement, Some Economic activities has commenced including the construction industries.

The Elepe-Ijede Road Construction which was commissioned by Governor Sanwo-Olu himself late last year and was proposed to be completed in the space of 14months was stopped immediately in the first quarter of this year due to the outbreak of the invisible enemy (CoVid-19).IMG_20200512_142247

Arab Contractors, The firm that took on the project with projections to see the road in good shape paused the construction by middle February, And all that was left was a huge dust and debris saturating the unfinished paths of the roads whenever it is used by commuters.

With the month of May scaling through and the raining season fast approaching, it is only necessary for the company to get back to work in order not to amplify the challenges of inhabitants in this areas as the cost of transportation has already taken a surge due to the new regulation of few passengers per bus or Keke Napep on the road.

While the work commences, it is only logical to say that the project would be strongly subjected to the direction of the state government, As it can yet again be halted if the state mandates another  Statewide lockdown.IMG_20200512_142247

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