3 Oct 2023


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Governor BABAJIDE OLUSHOLA SANWO-OLU ‘A Leader Worth Emulating’ ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

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20200518 213410 collage Should we wait for the storm to be over before appreciating the magnanimous capacity of a True Leader?

20200518_213410-COLLAGEShould we wait for the storm to be over before appreciating the magnanimous capacity of a True Leader?

When issues arises even Leaders will stand down for other Leaders to take the mantle and operate.

It is quite a mystery today that you  Synergistically blended all to work together for the good of Lagos State. Which means significantly everything is working together for the good of Nigeria as a Nation.

On the 29th Of May It would mark your One year stay in Office as the Executive Governor Of Lagos State, But your clear-cut impact as a Leader on Management, Decision making, Quality Assessment measures & Timely Execution Style Projections is second to none.20200519_124728-COLLAGE

You came in at a critical time in the History of our beloved Lagos State as the 15th Principal on the seat and before we knew it you transformed your status into the now popular ‘Incident Commander’ as a result of your effective style of leadership in checks and balances.

Easy to debrief and quick to update, Careful in deliberating and strategic in mandating, You have changed the fashion and mode of Dessiminating Information because indeed like they say ‘Desperate Times Calls For Desperate Measures’, And Desperate Measures can only be produced by sophisticated leadership which you are currently exhibiting.20200519_131556-COLLAGE

“By the Special grace of God I will be returning back in 17months time from now to commission this road, And it should have the standard for BRT lanes to pass through”, Those were your words to the Arab Contractors on the 4th Of December 2019 when you came to commission the Road projects in Ikorodu. Awarding the Majidun-Ipakodo road, Ijede-Ewu elepe road, Ahmed Tinubu road at Igbe etc.

Only God knows the level of success you would have attained by now on our roads if not for the outbreak of CoVid-19 Pandemic.

You made it clear about the kind of quality work you are expecting, the standards to attained and the level at which a good job will transform the outlook of our community.

Now you’re faced with a uniquely different kind of challenge, One that even the Whole World has never experienced before, It is attempting to wreck our Economy, strand our standard of living and Dent our everyday routine, Yet you are not fazed.20200519_141712-COLLAGE You have been exact in understanding consequences of the pandemic, Listening to the pains of people/industries & generally applying/utilising our Medical Capabilities.

You have done well, And you will continue to live up to every expectations with the wisdom of God & the knowledge you have accrued overtime.

You are a Leader that is worth emulating.

Sanwo-olu is a Governor that puts Lagos State and her citizen in his first agenda of governance, he shows patriotism and selflessness in the line of duty.

He is a remarkable and effective gentleman, A man of more actions when we put into perspective what he has done so far to eradicate Covid-19.20200519_141547-COLLAGE

Governor Sanwo-Olu and his wife Mrs Ibijoke are both worthy leaders to be emulated by all Governors & first ladies in Federal Republic of Nigeria. They have never relented in discharging their duties as expected by the people of Lagos State.20200519_141824-COLLAGE

We cannot take away our First Lady’s role in the health sector during this times as she has also been so selfless and diligent in contributing Extensively to help fight against this pandemic through the ministry of health.

As the Federal Government procured implemented ways to secure the country from the spreading infectious virus, Babajide Sanwo-Olu also took measures to absorb it’s spread
working assiduously to contain the virus (Covid-19) at the State level.Screenshot_20200519-172003

He has exemplified effective Leadership. He is a good listener and an advocate of love, peace, justice and equity.

A Leader for all lagosians irrespective of our different ethnicities. His efforts has completely unified our goals and aspirations.Screenshot_20200519-172725

He is complimenting The Great Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s laid down master plan, A legacy of excellence in Lagos State.

He is becoming the ideal Role Model for so many people because of his grandstyle of governance which is incredible and popularly accepted.

While am celebrating our amiable Governor today, Am also imploring the good people of Lagos State to continue having confidence and more also continue to support the governance of his Excellency, Babajide Olushola Sanwo-olu for more development in Lagos State.Screenshot_20200519-173101

 I am Hon Oluwatosin Onamade and I say once again that Governor BABAJIDE OLUSHOLA SANWO-OLU is a worthy leader to be emulated by all Governors in the Federal Republic of Nigeria because he never relents in discharging his duties as expected by the people of Lagos State.

May God continue to give you more wisdom and knowledge to ascertain Positively on the affairs of Lagos State and May you and your entire Family be entrusted into the shield and eagles wing of God’s protection.20200519_174751-COLLAGE

I want to believe that at this stage of your unwavering commitment and momentum in governance, Those POINT AND KILL propagandists that tried to spoil your preliminary efforts have given up on their perceptions and see your real strength as reflected on your Leadership today.Screenshot_20200519-124229


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