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May 19, 2020

Miss Patricia Okosodo

Location: Lagos
Gender: Female
Keyword: Enthusiastic & Integrity

About Me

● I’m a dedicated community builder with passion towards making every deprived community experience positive transformation.

● I have relatively 15 years of experience on numerous charity works across Lagos state through my registered NGO (Golden Integrated Empowerment Foundation) alongside other related foundations.

● I’m an active member of the International Youth Council (Nigeria chapter), a civil society organisation founded at the Youth Assembly at the United Nations in 2007, and Member of the SDGs, in order to build a global forum and platform on which all young people can develop a unified voice and take collective action towards social, economic, and environmental progress.

● I’m a graduate of the National Open University of Nigeria studied Entrepreneurship and Business Management. And a graduate of Lagos state university studied marketing, A member of the Institute of Public Management.

● My goal for the past 15 years has been in the improvement of the lives of less privileged in the community through the support of good humanitarian services.

● I am a professional marketer in one of the top beverages importers in Nigeria which has been an advantage to my skills for persuading supports for my charity schemes.

● I strive to create an environment where government, private sector and the academic community will collaborate to ensure that the world will become a better place for the next generation.

About My Brand

Golden Integrated Empowerment Foundation is a non profit charity Organisation founded in 2010.

The Organisation was established as a response to the palpable suffering and lack of access to basic and social amenities amongst the less privilege people in different underserved communities within Nigeria.

For the less privilege, widow, and youths, there is not only lack of support system, not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. Due to affordable and preventive health care, quality education and other basic amenities are becoming a luxury that only the influential and wealthy people can afford.

Golden Integrated Empowerment Foundation is a powerful and strategies team of young people who are willing to give back to the society through selfless services. Their actions aim to decrease the number of sudden death among pregnant women and support youths and widow in the underserved communities.

At Golden Integrated Empowerment Foundation, we maximize our human and material resources to empower, enrich and enlarge people, communities and even our volunteers. We are change makers and in every step we take, we are determined to make great impacts.

Address – 79, Insurance bus stop Owode Ibeshe Ikorodu.

Golden Integrated Empowerment Foundation Instagram page handle (golden_foundation), Facebook page handle (Patricia Okosodo)

For Sponsorships, Supports To Our foundation


  • 07031595926
  • 08095501052
  • 07011262131
  • 07066346644
  1. We need love and kindness to make an impact in the lives of others, you don’t need billions to make a difference in the world just a heart that cares it’s enough. Together we build a better future for our generation.

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