1 Dec 2023


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20200520_220704-COLLAGENo doubt, there is a lot of anxiety about this dreaded pandemic. I have received an avalanche of requests on what should the people do. I humbly suggest the following tips for safety.

Firstly believe the pandemic is real and is no respecter of persons, age or status.

1. Do not step out of your premises if you really don’t have to. Do not entertain visitors including family and friends.

2. If you must go out, please observe physical distancing and wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth. Not for decoration.IMG_20200513_165101

3. If you go out daily, in morning and night do a throat gaggle with warm salt water. If you can do steam inhalation morning and night or at least once a day. If you make contact with the virus it stays in your nasal cavity and throat 3 to 4 days before spreading to the lungs. In this period the virus itself is vulnerable to heat and alkalinity. The infection can be aborted.

If you are in a taxi, uber or any public transport please ensure the windows are down for air circulation.

4. Above all boost your immunity, it may protect against the illness.

Secondly, it is your ultimate pillar of survival in case you actually become infected.

There are so many medical supplements and preparations in the market that boost immunity. Consult your doctor or physician for best recommendations.Screenshot_20200520-215038

5. Avoid cold drinks. Drink warm water always. You may wish to add lemon it’s very good in strengthening the body for defence against the infection.

6. A glass of hot water with garlic, ginger, turmeric and lemon also assist to shore up the body defence mechanism.

7. At the appearance of fever, or dry cough or sneezing with or without sore throat make contact with your local NCDC for help.

8. Do not fear Covid19, if you catch it is not a death sentence and there is no shame in it. Do not be afraid of isolation Centre. 97% of affected people, no matter the presentation, mild moderate to severe, will overcome the disease. Most people spend from 7days to 21days or max of 30days in isolation centres, if there are no other complications.

Stay Safe

God Bless Ikorodu!

God Bless Lagos State!!

God Bless Nigeria!!!20200520_220704-COLLAGE

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