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May 23, 2020

IMG-20200509-WA0004~3The 14 day mandatory quarantine recommended and enforced by the NCDC on we, the United Arab Emirates returnees, that came into the country on 6th May 2020, ended on Thursday 21st May.

I have since returned home to re-unite with my family after my wife and I have again tested negative to the pandemic virus and got certified by the Federal Ministry of health as free of the deadly virus.

The recent certification is a confirmation of the earlier certification by the Dubai Health Authority sequel to covid 19 test before we boarded the return flight to Lagos, Nigeria.

The quarantine period is a sober experience that assisted in building confidence needed to mingle freely with one’s family and also encourages acceptability to one’s home and community without any hesitation.

We appreciate all individuals and groups that expressed their concerns and affections through the social media and through several phone calls when we returned to the country after my medical trip and throughout the highly restrictive quarantine period.

My God will shield you all from troubles and calamities.

I pray that God heals our land and all those currently suffering from the affliction of the virus. May all those already forced into early graves receives the mercies of the high heavens.

With what my experience has taken me through, I affirm that the Covid 19 virulence is real and we must try separately and severely to keep safe by obeying all the precautions set out by NCDC.

As we are getting to the end of the holy month of ramadan, I wish to congratulate all of us for surviving the month and praying that blessings of the holy month attend to our prayers and sacrifices in the form of fasting. Let us continue to live by the lessons of Ramadan by practising the acts of giving, tolerance, forgiving and love which are essential elements of good Neighbourliness.


I am fully back to resume my legislative and representative duties which have run in skeletal form for a while.

Eid Mubarak.

Agunbiade S.O.BIMG-20200509-WA0004~3


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2 thoughts on “I AM OUT OF QUARANTINE! ~ Hon SOB Agunbiade”
  1. I need money my daughter is very hungry am single since this covid19 life is not been easy for please any amount

  2. I need money my daughter is very hungry am a single mother since this covid19 life is not be easy for me please help me with any amount God we bless you sir

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