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Jun 10, 2020

In Ikorodu today, There are not a hand full of ladies projecting leadership and empowerment like Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA’s Miss Comfort Olafare Oladunni.

The self described commited Lady Of God is the Honorable Member Representating Lagos West at the Nigeria youth Parliament She Is also the chairman of Media and Publicity at the Nigeria Youth Parliament, A Project Director Of Community Service at the Ikorodu Division youth Initiative Movement, She is the assistant general secretary of the Igbogbo Youth Coalition, Founder Of Save A Girl Initiative and the CEO of Adunni Cakes.

Looking at strides and focus concurrently Ikorodu News Network geared in the session by asking her the need for more ladies to walk on the same level of Capacity like herself.

“Low self esteem plays a huge role in ladies not been able to drive up an agenda today in our community. We live in a society where the Contributions of the female gender is mostly back pedalled, So it won’t be an easy task” Miss Olafare.

INN: What is the way out of it then?

Miss Olafare: The ladies must begin to give themselves a voice, When you have a voice even though you are soft it would be hard to shut you down. You see that alot of ladies don’t even partake in community service whatsoever because I feel they that see themselves less inferior, Like maybe it’s not in their Position to undertake such a task.

Sometimes they are afraid of these questions; Who are you? Where are you from? Who is your father and who is backing you up?. That shouldn’t be a thing to be scared of, Because on such a ground you would be living in the shadows of your agendas. It now has to do with the kind of personality you have. If you cannot identify your identity then you will not be able to sustain your personality, So I urge them to grow their personality today so they can start working for the Communities.

INN: Save A Girl Initiative shared over a thousand face masks amidst CoVid-19 Pandemic, What was the mission behind that level of support to the communities?

Miss Olafare: Well amidst the pandemic and lockdown myself and my teammates pondered on what to do in order to support our communities in this times of health crisis. And looking at the direction of the government we decided to contribute our own quarter by producing a thousand face masks not only for the females both also for the males. It is a global Challenge that affects both genders so it has to go both ways.

The Face Masks was Distributed To;

  • Adegboruwa In Council

  • National Youth Council Of Nigeria Ikorodu Chapter (West, North, Igbogbo, Ikorodu Central & Imota)

  • Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement

  • IKORODU Pressmen (IMPACT Newspaper & MEGAXPRESSION Magazine)

  • IyaOloja’s & BabaOloja’s (Market Men & Women)

  • Association Of Artisans

  • Churches & Mosques Etc…

Yes, Save A Girl Initiative is actually meant to Position the girl child to Realise their dreams and be independent in making a living, But in this case of CoVid-19 Pandemic we had to come all out to support the communities. At some point we produced more than a thousand masks because the Distribution took us to the streets too, There was a woman that got our face masks, Lucky her on that particular day she wanted to buy but the price at that time increased to 100 naira from 50 naira, She was lucky we saw her and gave her free face masks and she couldn’t stop praying for us. It was a big deal to us in all.

INN: What would you say Concerning the current growing Rape cases we are withnessing today in Nigeria?

Miss Olafare: It is so sad and disturbing that we have this occurances in our country today. It is very unfortunate and so wrong for a man or a boy to Forcefully put themselves on a woman or a lady or a girl. There are places out there where you can go and pay for it, Why would someone just wake up and decides to physically and sexually assault a woman? It is so uncalled for that I regard Rape as people ruining other people’s lives. It is wickedness at it’s brim because there are harlots who are ready to take 500 naira for sex, So why Prey on our innocent women?

Such an heartless crime should be given a lifetime jail term and not months in prison because the victims would be tormented by that act for the rest of their lives.

INN: Don’t you think the mode of dressing by the ladies plays a role on this crime? Shouldn’t it be a two way strict for both genders to discipline themselves in order for this type of crime to be prevented?

Miss Olafare: You see, There is a popular saying that “The way you dress will determine the way you would be addressed”, But even with that I refused to believe that the mode of dressing should be the reason or excuse for someone to Rape another person. What is wrong is wrong and we should call it like it is.

The way a woman dress can never give a background knowledge of who they are, so that shouldn’t be an excuse for men to force themselves on women.

The fact that a lady dresses in ways that looks improper to you does not mean she is what you are thinking in your mind, She dressed in Fashions that makes her feel free should not be misconstrued as making her a harlot. I asked someone earlier, That your mother or sister is not well dressed would you Rape her? Whatever you cannot wish yourself do not wish or do it to others.

INN: Let’s wrap it up by asking you about your take to LEADERSHIP & also your advice to Ladies in Ikorodu who are aspiring to have a great future just like yourself?

Miss Olafare: Pastor Sam Adeyemi once said that “You occupying a position does not mean that you are more special than those you cater For, It only means those people you are catering for are special for you to be Representating them”. Leadership from that quote means that when you are given a position to represent people it demands that you show and proof why you have been seen capable in the first place to do the work.

It means you are there to let the people know that you have their interests paramount in your heart because they will be watching you from the start of your job to the finish. How well did you put them first. They will never forget you for either helping them or wasting their time for putting their trust in you and you know the volume that it carries on that basis. That is why most times in leadership people look at the names, because if your father performed very well everyone can allow the son or daughter of such a leader to rule them, but if otherwise then you know how it goes.

If your people cannot hear your name and smile then you have failed as a Leader, Am not saying that you would be able to satisfy everyone, But a least a high moderate proportion of Communities you represent should attest to your efforts, Contributions, tenacity and Results overtime.

Leadership give us a platform to revolve around our people, It is an inspiration, because the platform of Leadership gives rise to other leaders. If people are not clamouring to be like you in their quest towards establishment then it means you are not a Leader. When we have a leader Representating us it only indicates just two things, Either we are going to be blessed or cursed. 

Leadership is not by title, It is simply how people benefited from your responsibilities as you represent your communities. How many wants to lead like you? How many people would love to fill your shoes in your fashion when you’re no longer there?, If you are a Leader and you are reading those questions then your conscience can tell you the answer.

So my advice is for our leaders to give their best in their respective offices and capacities.

They should connect more with the people and Understand their pains better. They should always open their ears and strategize to take the communities to the next level. With that their efforts will never be forgotten.

For our ladies they must begin to build their confidence level, project a positive self esteem. It is not about what people say you are but what God is saying concerning you that matters. Be bold to stand and keep taking stands. Times are changing fast and world is evolving.

Our ladies should read more books and wake up their care consciousness, They should not live in their past because it will never make them move forward. Engage yourself with people that will make you positively forge ahead. Without focus then every bus stop is your destination.



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