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Jun 10, 2020

I have been receiving calls and messages as early as 7am this morning concerning the traffic gridlock outside Ikorodu, inward Ketu/ Mile 12.

The reality concerning the road today is that the traffic situation appears heavier than ever before and the road more congested, throwing up a very perplexing situation.

This situation is occasioned by the commencement of rehabilitation work on the Ketu/ Mile 12 road axis of the road to correct the portions of the road that has been giving us headache for sometime now.

The contract is awarded by the Lagos State Government to CCECC and will take some months to be completed and for normalcy to return.

The Transport/Works Ministries have put a traffic management plan and a special traffic management team to enforce the plan, engender diversion and traffic control that will ease vehicular movements around this construction period. I will plead with us to please obey all diversion signs and traffic commands by the special traffic officials. We will get it right if we don’t do it wrongly.Screenshot_20200610-150223

These plans are not in themselves cast in stones, and with impactful suggestions on how to make the road more friendly, the listening administration of our practical Governor will continue to improve on the plans and strategies to achieve greater comfort for the road users. I am currently in talks with the Commissioner for Transport and other government officials concerned with the road construction and management to achieve better and more impactful result.

I will want to assure us that by the time the ongoing construction of Owutu/Isawo/Arepo road is completed we will have an alternative road out of Ikorodu since the road will link Ikorodu from Ishawo to Lagos/ Ibadan expressway and the Ikorodu/Mile 12 road will be eased of the current heavy traffic. You can see that our traffic problems are getting attended to by the Lagos State Government and shall ease more with time and patience.

The current circumstance may be perplexing and harrowing, but please let’s bear a little more with the Lagos State Government, we shall all overcome very soon.Screenshot_20200610-150150

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