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20200630_180515-COLLAGEIkorodu News Network’s attention was drawn to the poor drainage system at Abule Oshorun area in Owode Ibeshe, Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA Ikorodu due to the post shared by its councilor on Tuesday morning.

On getting to the site it was shocking to see the Councilor who is Representating the entire ward inside the blocked drainage system with shovel digging out debris and dirts from different parts of the area.20200630_180041-COLLAGE

“We have been on this work for the past 3days consecutively trying to create a pathway for the water due to the rain pour, But it seems the more it rains the challenging it becomes for our people in this area” Hon MKO Arowolo

“Two days ago I mobilized and paid some youths in the area to help us dig out the blockage and also I did the same yesterday, But today I had to join them so they Understand the Significance of us getting the job done for the sake of our people residing in this community where I represent, It is in the process of plying the bad road to get things done that my car tire got punctured, But i am not bordered as long as we see to it that water don’t go into people’s homes” Hon Arowolo added.20200630_180744-COLLAGE

“The State of our road wasn’t like this before, but as a result of total abandonment and continuous deposition of waste materials on the drainage space, today it is costing our people and we thank God for Hon AROWOLO who came out some days ago to start mobilizing our Youths to clear the drainage to the level you are seeing now.

If you had come here yesterday there was no road because the water occupied every paths” Alhaji Billiamin Yusuf (Member Representating the Abule Oshorun CDA).20200630_180113-COLLAGE

“We have begged our local government to intervene on this road on several mediums and now it has become a serious problem for us. The water is entering people’s home now just like the house you are seeing Infront of you, They left that place because of the high water level & by the coming days more people are getting worried about this situation, while some homes are actually collapsing as we speak” Elder Mufutau Bakare

“It would’ve been a different story all together by now if not for Hon Arowolo that started working on the drainage two days ago, As you can see him now inside the gutter digging the drainage.

We are really grateful to him for lending his support according to his capacity, If this is how the government works then our community would have been better than this. We are asking for more support so we can be saved from this predicament” Elder Bakare Added.20200630_180123-COLLAGE

“Aside from our local government, the CDA in this area are not helping matters at all. If they are I believe this condition would’ve been 40% solved” Nicholas Omotola (Youth Leader Abule Oshorun)

“We know that alot of areas in Lagos State presently is suffering from similar problem of this kind, That is why on an issue of this nature which is not actually a road construction, It is suppose to be a collective duties for our leaders and stakeholders to come together and find Solution to it before seeking the government’s support for a more standard implementation.

If you watch the blockages Critically you would see that it is from different streets, Not just this particular area alone, That is why when you are heading towards this place you would see alot of water log in some areas. Everyone has to come together to systematically work on each streets in order to Channel this water straight to the river” Nicholas Omotola added.20200630_180101-COLLAGE

“There was a period not long ago we invited the ministry of environment as regards DRAINAGE to survey this area and sought out means to assist us in order to Channel the water log effectively.

They came and surveyed it and afterwards we never saw them again. We tried to do the follow up reminder believing they would eventually come to our aid but it was to no avail” Chief Razak Adejobi (Baale Of Abule Oshorun)

“Our intention now is to work out a solution between the CDA and Landlord Association in this area to see how we can Collectively find a solution to this problem once and for all.

Hon Arowolo is trying his best, But I believe if he can work together with his super alongside the local government we can have better results, But in the meantime we shall be looking inward to seek solution to this while we will also use this medium to ask our Honourable Representatives for support too” Chief Adejobi added.20200630_180339-COLLAGE

“I am pleading to all our leaders that all the canals in Ibeshe needs to be dredged, I need their support because I cannot do it all by myself & I don’t want my people to pack away from this our community due to flood, I spent some money from my pocket for two days and now I still have to join the work because money is not everything.

A call for leadership is a call for service and not for personal enrichment” Hon Arowolo

“I cannot say our people are not trying, But I believe that when all hands are on deck it would yield better and bigger results.

I never called the community together that we needed to do this work, I saw the state of the road so I just packed my car and called some few People, gave them money and we started working together. If I had told the people then you would have met alot of crowd here.

I am just led to do my own quarter and leave the rest to God, But because of the season we are in, I am soliciting support from our leaders in Ikorodu to help the bad drainage system in Abule Oshorun Community of Owode Ibeshe Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA Ikorodu” Hon Arowolo added.20200630_180025-COLLAGE





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