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Jul 1, 2020

20200701_165634-COLLAGEA 25-year-old housewife has allegedly chopped off her husband’s manhood at Tella town in Gassol Local Government Area of Taraba State.

The housewife, identified as Halima, was said to have carried out the act on Tuesday while the husband, Aliyu Umar, was sleeping.

A younger brother of the victim, Shagari Umar, said a loud cry by Aliyu attracted the attention of family members who rushed to where the victim was sleeping and found him in a pool of blood.

“We found his wife, Halima, sitting by the bedside holding the sharp knife with which she cut off the manhood of our brother,” Umar claimed.

He added that Halima would have been lynched by angry members of the family and neighbours but was spared “because she is pregnant and for the intervention of elders who rescued her and called in the police.”

According to him, Aliyu was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo, a distance of about 150 kilometres from Tella town.

He said, on arrival at the hospital, Aliyu was quickly attended to and the bleeding was stopped after hours of surgery.

A surgeon, who attended to Aliyu, Dr Kyantiki Peter Adamu, told The Press in an interview that he was called to the emergency unit of the hospital to see a patient with traumatic amputation of a penile shat.

“What we did was to quickly stop the bleeding and do all the necessary surgery on the damaged part of the manhood because the patient had lost a lot of blood before he was brought to the hospital,” he said.

He said the patient had 100 percent chance of surviving, but the relations of the patient had signed ‘left against medical advice form’ and there was nothing the centre could do again on the patient.

Shagari Umar, however, told The Press that they removed the patient from the FMC in Jalingo to take him to the the one in Gombe.

“We decided to remove our brother from Federal medical Centre, Jalingo and take him to Federal Medical Centre, Gombe for intensive care,” Shagari said.

The police spokesperson in the state, DSP David Misal, confirmed the incident, adding that Halima was arrested by police and investigation had started.20200701_165634-COLLAGE


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