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Jul 17, 2020

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I am ODEYEMI Oluwadamilare Hunter by name. Born in the early 1980s to a Medical Practitioner as father and an Educator as Mother. I am from Ikire a town in Osun state of Nigeria. I attended Ajara Grammar School in Badagry and the went on to the Federal College of Education, Zaria for my NCE. I eventually had my first degree from ABU, Zaria and my Masters at LASU. I joined the work force of the Dept. Of Social studies, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education in 2015. Prior to this time I had practiced as a film makers and a television content producer after my first degree. I am a Christian who loves God and I am married with 3 beautiful girls.



Who is a student?
What makes a student a key for development in our society?
 A student if you go through the different definitions of the dictionaries, you will find out they all point in one direction: “Someone who learns.”
If we will therefore stick to the meaning of student as one who learns or is still learning, then we can simply say that, every human being is a student.
Either you are a man or woman, as long as you are born by a woman, you are a student.

Have you ever wondered why certain young men of the society make statements like: “Omo Igboro ni mi”
Meaning “I am tutored on the streets”.
Are we familiar with this,
Yet they have never been into the four walls of a classroom but yet they proudly say I am a breed of the streets.

I am a student and you are a student too! If you agree please simply hashtag back #Iamastudent.
Now this means that we all still learn from everywhere.
Now let me give you my own definition of the term student.
I will simply define a student as: “A student is the Generation Next.”

A student is a bonafide member of the Take over Squad.
Every student is being trained solely for the purpose of creating the next generation that will take over from the present
IF you doubt me, why do you think you are taught by teacher to become teachers?

Simple, you are taught by teachers so you can be better teachers and take over from them.
That said, Everytime a student is trained, it is to basically have him or her grow to become a better version of his or her teacher in preparation for the future.

Why then do we have education?
In a nutshell student-hood is synonymous to the future.

Why do we have education?
Simple! To keep the future intact!
If education is meant to keep the future intact, then it simply means that the student who education is directed at is the future. The Generation Next!

Let me say that we need to change our mindset as students.
The main reason for education is to ensure that everyone being taught can eventually make reasonable contributions to the society to which they belong.

We are the future! You are the future! I am the future!
You are meant to after schooling become a plus to the society to which you belong.
Therefore if you are properly served as a student, the society to which you belong will certainly develop.

Now let me state here that we all need a paradigm shift meaning a change of mind set
It doesn’t not matter who you are or where you school now. You are the future and the society depends on your expertise to develop beyond where it presently is.

You are the key to the future of your society. You and I own the future of our society or community.
Please stop messing yourselves up and get it straight. The development of your society. Nigeria is in your hands as students.

You are too important to mess yourself up sirs and ma. You are too important to think you don’t count in the history of this nation.

Get up and say I am important and do all you can to prove you are the future.
As students, you and I are the keys waiting to be used.Screenshot_20200717-211535


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