30 Nov 2023


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20200806 152954 collage Many schools in Ikorodu have complied with the state directive on COVID-19 guidelines.

Screenshot_20200806-152930Many schools in Ikorodu have complied with the state directive on COVID-19 guidelines.

A visit to some of the schools on Tuesday showed that they made provision for hand-washing facilities, and also ensured that pupils observed social distancing.

The Lagos State Government had last week, directed Senior Secondary Schools 3 and Tech 3 pupils to resume on August 4 in preparation for their West African Senior School Certificate Examinations, which would start on August 17.

Government Senior/Junior Model Colleges, Owutu, Ikorodu
The school has put in place necessary measures that could prevent the spread of COVID-19 among pupils and teachers on their resumption.

From the gate, students, parents and visitors’ temperature were checked by the security officer with an infrared thermometer, while everyone was asked to use face masks, hand sanitizers before entering the school premises.

A security officer at the school said that the school had also been decontaminated prior to the pupils’ resumption.

“This is a boarding school, so we have been preparing ahead so that there will be no issue.

“We have water for anyone coming in to wash their hands. We also have wash basins at the entrance of each class and hostel,” he said.

Oriwu Senior Model College, Ikorodu
It was observed that wash basins were installed at the entrance of the school and the management made provision for water stands with soap and sanitisers at the entrance of each class.

A resident worker at the school said, “The school was fumigated a fortnight ago, and if you look around, you will notice that it was fumigated this morning too, in preparation for the students’ resuming today.”

It was also observed that the school cleaners had tidied up the environment and an official was at the entrance ensuring that everyone used his/her face mask and adhere to the hand-washing protocol.

The officials, including the security officials, were seen wearing face masks and hand gloves as they ensured that everyone washed his/her hands and wear face masks before entering the school premises.

Ikorodu Junior/Senior Grammar School

At the school, it was observed that the teachers and students were kitted with face masks and classes were arranged in conformity with COVID-19 protocols for physical/social distancing.

A staff at the school who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “We have been instructed that anyone who is not ready to adhere to the protocols should not be allowed into the school and who knows, someone might be watching and no one wants to run into trouble,” she said.

It was observed that there were water stands, hand-washing soap and sanitisers at the entrance of each office and class.

Ikorodu Junior/Senior High School, Apeka

It was also observed that the officials and students at the school were wearing face masks, while water taps have been installed. There were also hand-washing soap and sanitisers.

A student who identified herself as Bolanle said, “We were asked to wash our hands, use the sanitisers and the face mask before entering our classes this morning.

“We closed early today because not everyone came to school today, but the school made provision for everyone to wash hands.”

United Junior/High School, Ikorodu

Although, there was no student in class when this school was visited, it was observed that water taps have been installed in the school and there were hand washing soap and sanitisers.

There were also buckets of water.

The few teachers that were present in the school wore face masks, including the security officer.

Re-opening the schools is a source of concern –PTF

Secretary to the Government of Federation and Chairman, Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, on Monday during the PTF briefing in Abuja said the education sector was critical for the development of children and the nation.

“Reopening the sector is also a source of concern based on the fact that the schools’ system remains a veritable ground for increasing community transmission if appropriate protocols are not put in place and more importantly, adhered to.

“In this regard, the PTF wishes to implore stakeholders to ensure that the agreed protocols are put in place and measures strictly adhered to.”

Mustapha urged Nigerians to adhere strictly to non-pharmaceutical measures put in place and to take personal responsibility to combat COVID-19.

Policies for safe operations should be put in place –NMA
Speaking in an interview, The Publicity Secretary, Nigerian Medical Association, Lagos State chapter, Dr. Moruf Abdulsalam, said policies for safe operations in school environment, hygiene, sanitation, and physical/social distancing, including considerations to protect high-risk individuals, should be available in each school.

“You know, children are a delicate set of people and if you cannot get adult to do physical distancing or wear face masks, then the school authority has to put certain things in order.

“Of course, schools must ensure that temperature is checked and reduce the number of people in classes and try to space them as much as possible.

“We also advise children to eat from their houses and the students in each class should not be more than 15 in each class.

“If they are more than that, they can be split into sections to prevent many people from being in one class at the same time,” Abdulsalam counselled.Screenshot_20200806-152930

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