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Aug 12, 2020

IMG-20200806-WA0010~3As the world mark the 21st Anniversary of the International Youth Day, it is my utmost joy to felicitate with youths worldwide in general and the resilient Nigerian youths in particular.

Every sincere Nigerian of my generation, especially those in government or politics, should not fail to appreciate and commend the huge sacrifices of commitment and perseverance that have been displayed by our youths in the struggle for a better Nation.

Today, the world celebrates with the theme “Youth Engagement for Global Action.” Personally, I see that as an attestation of the importance of the roles being played by the youths towards Nation building, especially in developing countries like our own. It is also a confirmation of my belief that very little will he achieved until we work closely with the youths towards bringing about the changes we desire.

I have always insisted that it will take a partnership of the experienced old and the resilient youth to bring about the much desired ‘prosperous and peaceful Nigeria.’ It is for this reason I will continue to advocate for legislations and policies that seek to position the young ones to work with the experience of the elders in the administration of our country, state and community.

Even as the COVID19 pandemic raged, threatening the very existence of mankind, the youth displayed courage, giving the world hope. And they are still doing this, guides with experience and research.

Thus, as I again appeal to all and sundry to help stem the rate of infection by observing the NCDC protocols of washing and sanitizing hands, wearing of face mask, avoiding crowded areas and observing social distancing, I want to say a big kudos to the resilient youths for standing firm.

As leaders of today and the hope of tomorrow, I beg that youths should shun all forms of vices and embrace godliness and humanism knowing that it is on your ‘rock’ that a new world order will be built post COVID 19. Once again, I congratulate all youths on this occasion.IMG-20200806-WA0010~3


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