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Aug 12, 2020

IMG-20200812-WA0017Hon. Adeyemi Oshodi, APC Ward C1 Councillorship aspirant and a grassroot mobilizer joins Com. Olusesan Mayorkun Daini, the Executive Chairman of Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA to celebrate all the amazing young people in Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, their enthusiasm, power, activism, creativity, hard work and contribution to a fairing community.

Today which marks the international youth day is a day to mainstream young people’s voices, actions and initiatives as well as their meaningful, universal and equitable engagement in decision making.

The greatest strength and asset of any nation is its youth. It is a known fact that Igbogbo is truly blessed to have youths, power filled with tremendous ambitions and skills.

My dear youths, as we celebrate our day today, be reminded that this is the best time we can activate a better future. Enough of our silence which have disengaged us from the channel where our voices and actions should be felt. Enough of folding our arms and relying on the government as the government cannot do everything we need, understanding that the less we rely on government, the better we are.

If there is another place we can call our home, then we can continue to fold our arms, talk more and do less, curse the land, pack our bags and get out. But if we have no other place we can call our home, then we must roll up our sleeves, talk less and do more, believe in our land, bless and build it together, even with the last drop of our sweat.

The adorable honorable emphasized on the need to embrace the service spirit to humanity and the community. He quotes, “a glass of water has no value on its own, but the moment it quenches the thirst of an exhausted person, it turns more valuable and greater than gold”. He encourages the youths to be a glass of water which quench the thirst of others.

He applauds and appreciate NYCN Igbogbo/Baiyeku Chapter, Igbogbo Youth Coalition, The Accord Brothers, Igbogbo Students’ Union, De Vanguard Political Group, Youth Stakeholders and all youth organizations in the community for their doggedness, vibrancy and impacting existence. He implores them to join politics, participate actively, get the experience, accept leadership roles and lead with the right attitude at any level of emergence.

In the close of the interview, he promised to work with all youth organisations in the community to strengthen the sleeping youths and bring them back to live. We’ll ensure a continuous safe and secure environment for the growth and development of our youths and our society while building the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of the young ones, he said.

He appreciate the development of the community accrued by the executive chairman of our LCDA so far and he prays that God will continue to increase his wisdom.

The best time to start great things is now, the earlier we start doing it right, the more our odds of success.

Remember, we all must create, build, help and lead positively.

Have a joyful youth day celebration.


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