6 Dec 2023


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img 20200816 wa00082 In commemoration of International Youth Day, Focus Point Academy organised a webinar programme to Youth titled ,Youth Engagement in Global Action Lead trainer and Business Consultant, Jubril Oluwatobi as the invited Guest .

IMG-20200816-WA0008~2In commemoration of International Youth Day, Focus Point Academy organised a webinar programme to Youth titled ,Youth Engagement in Global Action Lead trainer and Business Consultant, Jubril Oluwatobi as the invited Guest .

Mr Jubril gives introduction and dicuss the opic of the day .
It’s my humble pleasure to be here this evening.
Today is International Youth Day (2020 IYD).

It speaks a lot about us as youth
Every global leader is servant of their economy
The day you accept responsibility to be different from others, is the day you’re acknowledged as a GLOBAL LEADER!

First, ask yourself, what’s my contribution to my Economy?
If you are not giving to your Economy but taking away from it, you’re committing murder!
Every Global changer is a risk taker
I’ll quickly cut this into 3 fundamental parts!
Every Global youth must under these three parts.

✓ SOCIETY: Your contribution to your society explains your vital role to the economy.
Everybody is a product of their Society.
Who you are and what you have are what takes you above what you should have!

In a country like NIGERIA that houses over 200million candidate; you must be willing to play above average game.
Therefore, What can you give to the society you belong to today? By the definition of your society, What roles have you played in that society today?

Are you bringing Solutions or creating major problems to the environment?
By now, Your kind of circles tells about your kind of value.

People with great value associate with circles with great CONTENT.

Quickly analyse your RESULT by your INPUT into that environment.IMG-20200816-WA0004~2

If you haven’t done any programs, create seminars, change lives, join progressive teams with result, advocate for something worth value; you are one of the problems that should be eradicated.
Forget about what you read online or what people say about GLOBAL LEADERS,

Think about yourself and look deep into what you have become ever since you are getting older!

By now, Are you feeding others or others are feeding you?

If you always run away from RESPONSIBILITY, you will never be responsible till you die!
As a global leader, Your desire to get to the top will demand you to think abnormal!

If nobody has Challenged you of thinking far, It’s because you are still thinking small!
Listen, As a GLOBAL leader,
You have to be the result people aspire to become!

Global leaders are those who see their mind changes before their result changes.

Take for instance, many youths never desire to look out for the true path of succeeding, most youths are looking for the shortcut to succeed.

We are in the Society that focuses on who gets the MONEY than who get the RESULT.
Many youth are not interested in FOLLOWING you because you are not making the MONEY
Rather, They follow those who are making MONEY!IMG-20200816-WA0006~2

Your DIFFERENCE is, Output!

Until you take yourself to a possibility of making the rest of your life the best of your life, You will never be the best of your KIND
Many people don’t believe in dreams comes true, you are the evidence they look for, show them it’s possible!

What are you doing with your DREAMS?
You promise yourself to read that book,
After few days,
You dumped it.

You promise yourself to post your content about your business,
Few days after, you dumped it.

Yet, you want success by prayers!
Success responds to SEED not SOIL.
Making money is an offensive game,
You can’t be passive and expect to make money, Money Loves Speed.
As a global Leader, Your mindset is the seed to plant!

I remember how much I read books to get to where I am today.

I remember how I charge for my coaching services because of the result I give.
I remember how I used to research till 2AM just to deliver to my clients. Success is process!
If you don’t show thyself approved of what you do, people with money will send you errands!

You have to take yourself from a point of attraction to a point of selection.
Who are you and where do you see yourself in few years?IMG-20200816-WA0007~2

MINDSET is what differentiate winners from losers.
On the gate of RELEVANCE, money is not NEEDED! You need VALUE.

People with value commands the money.
As a youth, you don’t have the luxury of time to be ignorant Seek knowledge to grow
Procrastination, laziness, sleeping too much takes away your VALUE.

By now, You should be setting weekly GOALS!
The Challenge with youth is, they want to set 5years goals when they are not done with 5hours goal Until you become the difference you seek in others, nothing changes!

Global Leaders are action takers. They capture the result in their minds before they establish it with their hands!

Who are you today in the ECONOMY?
What have you done to your SOCIETY?

By your name, what can you be remembered for?

The day you start getting rejected by your normal friends, it shows you don’t belong in their circles anymore.

If those you keep at age 15 are still the ones you keep at age 25, there is every evidence you are not growing!

You must learn to amplify your growth by taking measurement of your size.

Who you keep around you explains what you give.
Global leaders aspire Global members.
Your circles determines your weight, are they always seeing problems or always seeing victory?

As a youth, the difference between you and your tomorrow is your PLAN
What are you planning now?

The future you cannot understand, you cannot MANIFEST!IMG-20200816-WA0003~2

Who are those you bring into your circles.
You can’t be a GLOBAL leader with a local members.

Are your circles LEADERS too?
Or just mere followers.

If you are not challenging yourselves in the circles and bringing new development into that circles, you will just keep going without GROWING and will be dump at last!
Many Global changers had been stopped by local changers.

They complain about you moving ahead of them and you feel you want to lower your STANDARD because of what they will say?

It means you won’t grow above them!
LIKES attract LIKES.


Global changers always select their circles.
Global changers are game changers.

Ask yourself, WHO AM I?

Can people attest to who you truly are?

What fire do you bring to the room?

What Solutions do you give to problems?

Ask TEN of your close friends who you are.

Their response explains you.

It’s time to wake-up as a youth and redefine your fight in the ECONOMY.

You must permit yourself to take responsibility for your actions.

You must wake up to the fundamental of the economy system.IMG-20200816-WA0005~2

You deserve to be a CHAIRMAN
You deserve to be a COUNSELOR
You deserve to be a Governor
You deserve to be a SENATOR
You deserve to be PRESIDENT!
You and I deserve to hold a lion share in this Economy.

People who do not afraid don’t get denied in the system
Leaders are made, some are born, define who you are!

The more you question your being,
the deeper you are rooted in your existence.
Don’t just sleep with your mind,
Be awake and get fired up.

Until you stand up to the true existence of your IDENTITY, other people will control your existence.

Go deep into what you can give your ECONOMY.

Go without holding back your IDENTITY.
Leave what people will say and say what people will feel.

Your NAME must explain your IDENTITY!
MAKE that name count.

You didn’t come this far to join the queue, you came this far to give CLUE that can reduce that queue!

What are you doing with it?

Those who give without holding back
Always get into table of RELEVANCE
Your ECONOMY needs you.

Until you permit yourself to SHINE, you will always be boring to life.

When you go for war, the first thing to look out for is the EXIT.

It’s not how you get into many situations in life, it’s how YOU GET OUT

Until then, don’t limit your fight to your locality! Expand!

GO and command it.

I’ll see you at the top!

Only fools doubt proofs.

You’re the proof

God bless you!IMG-20200816-WA0008~2

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