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We Retire But Our Expertise is Still very Much Relivant today and we must be able to apply them to each other’s advantage.

A statement from Mrs Fagbemi The National Secretary Of The Senior Citizens of Nigeria as they led executives to The Circle Rock Apartments (Retirement Home For the Elderly) in Owode Ibeshe area of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA, Ikorodu to Officially Inaugurate Ikorodu Branch of the Association on Thursday Of August 2020.

The Association which aim and objective is to cater for the needs and healthy living of the aged ones Engaged Delegates and eventually instituted a leadership branch for elderly folks in Ikorodu.

According to The National President Elder T.A Ore, The Senior Citizens must be ready to take care of themselves even as they pray to God for support in order to have a lasting legacy.

This Association creates the platform for us to always be together. It reflects the deep wisdom which the elders carries and projects their values in order for them to acquire respect from the communities and society at large” Elder Ore.

As we Inaugurate Ikorodu Branch today it should be noted here that we are meant to be our brothers and sisters keeper, Solve eachothers problem and give each other a voice even when we are perceived to be less important in the society as regards our productive Contributions and change Applications” Elder Ore Added.

It was also highlighted in the mission statement of the Association that part of their Responsibility is to seek the Government’s Attention to support the Aged ones and not only the youth.

The National Secretary of the Association Mrs Fagbemi followed up in addressing the members on the need to be more social and make the best of thier time left on earth.

It is by the grace of God that we are alive and also given the opportunity to set up an association like this. Most of us are already grand parents with our children no longer living with us, For the ones that still have their immediate children still dwelling with them it should be Obvious by now that the Attention given to us is less simply because we might have little or Notting to offer them aside from advice or financial support.

This is why in this Association, We are given open door to speak out and reach out to one another for comfort. Though we are meant to meet once in a month but whenever we meet it has to be memorable” Mrs Fagbemi

Our Mission is to ensure that all our members live a good life, be joyful with themselves at all times and die happily. And we want to make it known that this Association is neither a political nor religious platform, This is why at this junction I would like to counsel every of our members who are politically involved to take things easy and not give themselves much stress” Mrs Fagbemi added.

The CDC chairman of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA Mr Abayomi Adelakun who was a special guest speaker at the Inauguration Appreciated the National executives for bringing the Association to Ikorodu, Promising them that Ikorodu Branch of The Senior Citizens Association will not be left behind.

Iron sharpens iron and I must say with all excitement, This Association is indeed welcome to Ikorodu for Good. There is National Youth Council Of Nigeria here in Ikorodu, which is well recognised amongst host of other Associations, So a platform of this calibre that focus on our elders will not be left behind either.

There are 6 LCDA’s in Ikorodu and with that this Association must speak volume across. On my part I will ensure The Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA will do all it can to support the growth and sustainability of this Association” Alhaji Lukman Sonibare Added.

Mrs Ibekwe Former Director of the Lagos State Ministry Of Youth and Infrastructure also a guest speaker enlightened the Members by highlighting ways Senior Citizens can add values to the society.

“Some consider Senior Citizens as liability to the society but with such an association it will add more values to our elders and their level of Contributions. With this I am calling on all capable Senior Citizens to stand in the gap to reduce stress and boredom.

Elders Understand more about empathy and love, We Must begin to create activities that promote long life. We should live a life that command respect and if by now we don’t know our Purposes on earth then we must begin to ask God for answers” Mrs Fagbemi added

Prior to the swearing in and Inauguration of the Senior Citizens Association Ikorodu Branch, A brief health talk was introduced to help every members to keep fit and stay agile.

Mr Samson (a health specialist) told all members to subscribe to part time swimming activities and also engage in soft exercises.

Over Feeding yourself is dangerous to your health, Your body should depend more on high level of Carbohydrates & Protein Diets. Please understand that as we get older our bones becomes weaker due to rigorous body work over the course of our career. This is why we must consume food that contains calcium to keep the bones strong and avoid periodic body pains. We should also take food items that contains Iron like Eggs, Ugu leaves etc to preserve many vital functions in the body, including general energy and focus, gastrointestinal processes, the immune system, and the regulation of body temperature” Dr Samson added

Before the official Inauguration of the new executives the National Public Relations Officer of the Association Elder J.K Taiwo cautioned the leaders to project team spirit as they take off, He urged them to be selfless and ensure no member is left stranded due to ineffective leadership.

If You launch out well then you will be fruitful in all your endeavours, Get everyone involved” Elder Taiwo added.

List of Inaugurated Executives:

Coordinator – Elder Pastor Ayo Oguntola
Coordinator – Elder Godwin Ekpokobe
Secretary –
Mrs Adebayo Adetola
Treasurer – Elder Ohwos George
Financial Secretary – Elder H. Ogoke
PRO – Elder John Nwoko
Welfare – Elder Mrs A. O Adesoye
Social Secretary – Elder Feminine Oguntayo
Auditor – Elder Pastor R. Adisa

National Delegates Present At The Inauguration:

  • Elder T.A Ore (National President)
  • Mrs. Fagbemi (National Secretary)
  • Elder J.K Taiwo (National PRO)
  • Mrs. Tolani Aribiyi (Financial Secretary)

Elder Ayo Oguntola in his closing remarks on behalf of Himself and elected members thanked the National Executives and all distinguish members for making the Inauguration Ceremony memorable and promised that under his leadership Ikorodu will place a new value on it’s Senior Citizens.

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