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Sep 6, 2020 , ,

Due to the Circular been put out by the Nigerian Senate for Memorandum to be presented and further Contributions to be made, The Lagoon State Movement had an emergency meeting to ascertain the need to keep pressing on their agenda in the year 2020.

The group which has not met for close to 5-6 years had an emergency at Ebute Axis of Ikorodu which was presided over by Alhaji Ganiu Belo in the absence of the Chairman for the day.

Alhaji Belo thanked the Secretary General Mr Jimoh Showemimo for his fervent and selfless service in ensuring that the vision of the Lagoon State Movement is kept alive on social media even in the absence of Physical meetings.

He stated that it is time once again to set the course in motion as the Federal Government has given an open window for it through the circular.

“In my autobiography on page 173 I clearly explained how far this movement has come and even to the southwest region. It is clearly obvious that Lagos State is running on an uneconomical-phase as it has been marginalised amongst the other states in Nigeria.

“I am very happy today that I have been able to document thoroughly the strides and Movement of this vision even at the age of 86 year old” Alhaji Belo Added.

Thereafter the General Secretary Mr Jimoh Showemimo read the Circular to the entire members explaining in context what is expected of a group like the Lagoon State Movement and subsequently enjoined the acting chairman to seek opinions and Contributions on measures to go about getting the memorandum across to the government.

Mrs O.T Benson Appreciated every members present and stated the anxiousness of others intending to join the Lagoon State Movement in 2020, but due to the direction of the federal government combining with the outbreak of Covid-19 has made it impossible and strenuous for any deliberation to be made up until the Circular came out from the Senate.

She also volunteered for her Residence to be used for subsequent meetings of the group, Adding that members should stay positive and never give up on the course to achieve the vision of the Movement.

Barr. S.O.K Shillings suggested that the senate’s Circular might not insinuate the current intent of the Lagoon State Movement, Instead he perceived that the circular is simply meant to open doors for some minor Contributions.

He also stated that the group should look into the current state of Lagos, Where Indigenes are not well catered for by the government and the need for the group to question the State Leadership on how adequate indigenous support is not initiated.

“I Believe the memorandum is not calling for a State creation. We should canvas on having our Representatives at the Government level so our interest can be catered for” Barr Shillings Added

Alhaji Ganiu Belo interjected the the house by calling for members not to follow the vision without having hope to fulfilling it. He urged members to Imbibe the attitude of positive spirit in order to get the job done.

“I am only interested in state creation and I won’t accept any Defeat thoughts, And this vision must be propelled by us till the end” Alhaji Ganiu Added

Prince Shakiru Balogun suggested the group should make the movement more visible with press briefing and youth inclusiveness, Because there are other groups in the south-west state like Ogun state that is also clamoring for State creation.

Mrs Bisi Ogunleye suggested that the statement made by Barr Shillings should not be taken lightly as it is obvious the negative treatment given to the Indigenes of the state. She further stated that even though the vision of the Movement is laser focused on State creation, They can also act as a voice for the state Indigenes to be supported.

Engr Adesanya said the house should get traditional rulers involved in the process for more leverage in order for the message to take effect.

This message will be taken more seriously when we have Commissioners and major players signing the indigene-ship letters” Engr Adesanya

Otunba Ekiyoyo caution members not to digress from the Vision at hand stressing that with unity and one voice, the mission will eventually be accomplished.

Mr Kunle Bello suggested that the group can also reach out to the president on timely basis while trying to address the issue.

With all suggestions noted the house projected on getting the memorandum prepared within two weeks, printing over 500 copies and sending them to all concerned while a further date for another deliberation will be communicated across to members.

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