3 Oct 2023


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Sunday 13th September 2020, Mid day after service Withness support like never before in Owode-Ibeshe as Hon MKO AROWOLO Councillor Representating Owode-Ibeshe Ward 4 in Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA of IKORODU organize a free medical check up for the elderly people in the community.

The Blood Pressure tests was carried out by the Councillor simultaneously as he also was constructing a Neighbourhood Security Post at Ilaje Ajose Bus stop on the same Owode-Ibeshe Road With A Bio-Digester.

There is need for us to create a standby security post for our neighbourhood watch personnels that are always siting by the side of the road while on duty on a regular basis” Hon AROWOLO stated.

With the creation of the post and restroom, They can have access to a conducive outlet while fulfilling their official duties here. It would eventually enhance their tendencies to serve and perform at every given time” Hon AROWOLO Added.

When everyone thought the medical check up was all there is to the support system, Volunteers of the Councillor’s program went to the trunk of his car and brought out palliative to present to every elderly individuals after their subsequent check up.

“I live for the people of my ward, their needs is my top priority. Understand that whatever we accumulate as humans will amount to Notting, But It is what we give that speaks volume to our legacy here on earth, And like I always say ‘ A call for Leadership is a call for service and not for personal enrichments’, I don’t care if what I possess is not enough to sustain my family needs, But as along as I can keep putting smiles on the faces of the people in my ward and Community at large, I gain full satisfaction on that” Hon MKO Arowolo.

This is just the beginning of me putting smiles on their faces with the palliative, We shall continue again next week, then we will give it an interval one week break and Commence it again.

I want to thank our Apex APC Leader in Ikorodu, The person of Chief Asipa Kaoli Olusanya for his enormous show of support towards the Accomplishments of this task and also I want to thank Pastor Fred Olaonipekun for his assistance towards the creation of this Neighbourhood Security Post, May God Continue to bless all our leaders.

Let me also not forget to use this opportunity to Appreciate all our Volunteers and my management team who are all present to assist me and make this program a success. It is indeed good to serve humanity” Hon MKO Arowolo added.

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