Childhood Cancer has been a major concern to parents, Especially mothers in our society. The difficulties in determining it symptoms on children and ways to identify measures of prevention is quite challenging.

This is the essence to which The International Association Of Lions Club in partnership with Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club, Rotaract Club of Ikorodu Golden, Ikorodu Diamond Leo Club & Ikorodu Golden Leo Club organised an awareness campaign on Childhood cancer in Ikorodu.

The program tagged WALK AGAINST PEDIATRIC CANCER took the Volunteer members on a campaign walk from the Harmony Castle Aga area down to the Ita Elewa Health Centre In Ikorodu.

At the health centre the Initiative also featured a Health talk for nurses and pregnant mothers on EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF CHILDHOOD CANCER.

Continue and unexplained weight loss, often headaches with early morning vomiting, increased pains in the bones, joints, back or legs. Lumps or unexplained masses and Development of excessive bruising, bleeding or rash. These are some of the ways to identify childhood Cancer at it’s preliminary stage” Mr Taofeek Sanusi

“When any of those symptoms is observed in the child, parents should not just sit back and feel it would eventually fade, They are expected to take the child to the health centre for a proper check up because prevention is always better than cure. Early detection is the major means of preventing childhood Cancer” Taofeek Sanusi Added.

Mrs Adenyanju a senior health worker thanked the organisers of the program in Presence of alot of pregnant mothers adding that mothers are the bedrock of the family and thus should take it as a Responsibility always to ensure that their child are always Checked.

“I want to solicit the organisers at this point to help us make small portable brochures out of the hand posters used for the walk and awareness campaign so we can give it to our pregnant mothers, By reading it Constantly it will be a reminder for them to follow health measures, knowing fully well the risks involved if cancer is not detected early” Mrs Adenyanju added.

Today, it is all about partnership between the Lions Club & the Rotary Club as we campaign together to create proper awareness about childhood Cancer in Ikorodu. The early detection and ways to mitigate it is actually our message for mothers and parents alike.” Mr Edwin-Cole Victor (President Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club).

Our message is for all mothers to know that childhood Cancer is real and if not detected on time, the child will die, it is very important we stay at alert and be very health cautious in order to prevent casualties” Edwin-Cole Victor Added.

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