5 Oct 2023


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Homat Group Of Schools Celebrates 25years of quality education and standard nuturing of the future leaders.
The School is considered one of the largest private institution in Ikorodu with 4 annexes across the different
LCDA of Ikorodu Region.

As the State government gives the green light for both public and private schools to resume sensitively, Pupils
of Homat could not wait to resume academic activities as it was obvious they have missed their teachers and school

Ikorodu News Network (INN) embarked on a guided tour around Homat Nursery and Primary School/Homat Comprehensive college Igbogbo, Where it’s Proprietor is stationed to evaluate the performances and expectations of the institution going forward after 25 years of qualitative educational deliveries.

Alhaji Amusa M.T Olawale Is the Proprietor Of The Homat Group Of Schools & Also He is the President Of The National Association Of Proprietors Of Private Schools In Lagos State (NAPPS)

I must give kudos to the lagos state Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-olu for his approach towards the Educational sector during this pandemic in Lagos State. There was a time he gave few palliative to the private institutions, And also we have a Commissioner for education who has carried us along on all fronts, Given us a joint guidelines for resumption and also conducted series of trainings to prepare us for eventual resumption.

The reason why we are not having challenges today is because the government is playing it’s role to carry us along” Alhaji Olawale

We have four branches across ikorodu in Nursery, Primary & college capacity, one in Igbogbo, Owutu, Odogunyan-Sagamu Road and Ijede Road. With Over 300 members of staffs, we have touched so many lives through our educational practices.

We have the Homat School of basic studies for vocational engagements (like computer, catering and hotel management). You should note that three of our institutions has boarden facilities in terms of accessing our capacity”

“One important thing about Homat group of schools, which is part of our objectives, We ensure that there is concurrent skill acqusition learning programs for all our staffs and the parents of our pupils as well, in order for them to have multiple stream of incomes.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic emerged and the state was Lockdown, We played alot of roles to support our staffs knowing that situation can get dicey for them. We fully paid the month of march salary to all teachers, And 50% of their salaries till date has been paid apart from the month of August. During the lock down we gave food stuffs twice to our staffs and also made soft loans availible for members of staffs with emergency issues. We gave live chicken during Easter to more than 300 staffs.

We have a staff quarters of 35 self contains, And since April till date we have not collected rent from any of our staffs, And it was never deducted. We will only start deduction from October this year. We have staffs who has spent 18years with us and even some with 22years of service to this institution, This is why we take them very seriously”

“Education is not about reading and writing alone, It is meant for us to identify good and evil. It is also meant to perfect both the academic & moral side of the child. The Moral aspect must be looked into more in the lives of the pupils in as much as we focus on their academic Performances. There should be wholesomeness in the nurturing of the children if we are expecting them to be of productive use to better our communities and society at large.

Most times parents might not be chanced to check mate their children because of their daily engagements, And we as school owners and teachers are the care givers of the pupils on regular basis” Alhaji Olawale Added

“The Resumption has been successful and we had no problem adapting to the rules and guidelines put in place by the Lagos State Government. By the grace of God our Proprietor who happens to be the President Of NAPPS Lagos State, Had first hand informations on the directions to go, The Hand Sanitizers, Soaps and water, Nose Masks for our pupils and temperature checker.

We have ensured to prepare everything needed to cater for our pupils, teachers, parents and even our visitors” Mr Taiwo Lawrence Daramola (Principal Of Homat Comprehensive College Igbogbo)

“The Students are well enlightened about the situation on ground as you can see how they separate themselves during the course of their academic activities. We also give them extra orientations as regards awareness to always make them stay at alert on the various adjustments on ground” Mr Daramola Added

“We resumed on monday 24th of september on a very peaceful note, Following every guidelines. We dont allow the normal morning routine assemblies to take place for now in order to observe the social distancing, Though the nursery section are still at home, The primary section has resumed” Mrs Egunoluwa Olufade (Head Teacher Of Homat Nursery & Primary School)

“The Trainings and seminars we had pre resumption has really helped us in making this return possible. Also the quality assurance department came around to inspect us and see that we are actually abiding by the regualtions”

“25 years for Homat group of schools, We should be considered as the ‘Caregivers’. we set the standards, Our students are standouts in all spheres of life. We have God fearing staffs and responsible servants to give the best to the children and parents” Mrs Olufade Added

“Coming back to school has been fun and educative. We have learnt that covid-19 is a very deadly disease that spreads through the air, And we must adopt every guidelines to prevent it from coming to us. My advice is for everyone to stay safe.

I have been in Homat school since KG1 and the teachers has taught us well, Nomatter what we become Tomorow we must give honour to our teachers and proprietor for making it possible” Omosanya Adesola (SS2 Pupil)

“The experience has been okay for me, And we must all be careful about this deadly virus called covid-19 by listening to the government as regards their rules and regulation. I want all my family and friends to stay safe and follow instruction. I’ve been in Homat school since Nursery One and i have learnt alot from this institution, So i want to wish us a happy 25th anniversary” Oyengbula Jessica

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